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...according to the Titlescorer, Gay Tibetan Monks has a 41.4% chance of being a best-seller, while Spindrift has only a 10.2% chance. Darn!
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OK, I just spent my lunch hour at the post office getting all the Spindrift and PBR books out and I have NO IDEA why none of you on the f-list who ordered it hadn't been bitching at me to get them out. My index finger has no feeling because I spent most of that time punching the screen on the APC machine sending out the domestic packages, because the Post Office, in its infinite wisdom, scheduled only one employee, who was either having a horrible allergy attack or was a cokehead, because he kept sniffing and occasionally having to leave the area to blow his nose, or so he said. And thus there was a line of ten to fifteen people the entire time. I took pity on them and only mailed the international packages at the counter, and sent the domestic ones from the machine.

And in other news, Gin Ichimaru did not show up in my dreams last night*, but Renji did. We were part of a large group of people inexplicably dressed in Victorian clothing going to a movie in a theatre that had metal folding chairs. I had a zanpakuto, but I'd forgotten its name and spent most of the dream trying to remember it. It shot flames out, but I know that was borrowed from the episode of Bleach I'd seen earlier in the day, from the Bount arc, with the doll that shoots flames. If you've seen it, you'll know.

* Honestly, what's with that? I almost never dream of anime characters. Not that I'm complaining, because it's a nice change from the usual round of anxiety dreams or weird, formless, inchoate stuff.
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The proof copy of Spindrift arrived today, and with a rush on the order plus 2nd day air shipping direct to the hotel to boot (the extra cost of which added up to about the amount that we got off as a special in the setup fees), we'll have 140 copies of the book at the con! Why not 150? Because 140 will fit in one box and the extra shipping for 10 more books was prohibitive. :)

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For better or for worse, Spindrift pre-orders and the website's new shopping cart for Paypal are open!

If you're one of the people who pre-ordered Project Blue Rose and want to add Spindrift to the order, just directly Paypal me using the same address $7.00 plus $1.00 for the extra shipping. Don't want to penalize you for ordering early! :D

And if you encounter any weirdness* with the shopping cart, let me know. Thanks!

* If you encounter Paypal giving you prices in double dollars ($$), rest assured we have not gone into the Trigun universe, and the correct amount comes to me. :)
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Wow, my new hair is way more funky than any clothes I own. O.o

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I'll get back to the rest of you who volunteered to test my Paypal buttons by buying SPindrift etc. once I work out how to apply international shipping. ARG
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...anyone out there who would like to purchase Project Blue Rose and/or Spindrift through my Paypal button test setup and report back to me how the experience went? I can only test so far myself, because if I actually paid myself I'd lose the Paypal fees and I'd rather not lose $ .50 just to test. :)

I'm leaving to get my hair cut in about 20 minutes and won't be home until after 5:30 Central (it's 3:20 now), so if I don't answer anyone back, that's why. If you're willing to try, give me an email address and I'll send you my Sooper Sekrit oh-so-concealed test URL. :) And thanks!

And yes, this means that pre-orders for Spindrift will be opened as soon as I can be sure this is a-working. :)

P.S. If you're in Texas, I have to charge you 8.25% sales tax. Sorry! But shipping is $2.99 for the first book, + $1 for each book thereafter (either book), and it tops out at 6 books because Paypal won't let me put in more than 6 different shipping levels. :) But I figure anyone wanting more than 6 books probably will be contacting me to see if they can work out some sort of deal anyway.
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*twitch* I just upgraded WordPress on the site and OF COURSE it broke my custom coding. Not in any way applicable to function, and someone unfamiliar with the site won't notice anything wrong, but I had it set to suppress certain child pages in the navigation links, like the PBR and Spindrift preview pages and the subpages in the tutorials, and the useless links in the Meta navigation list, and now they're showing. And I can't figure out how to edit the damn template to fix them - I've found the area of coding that SHOULD be responsible, but editing it either does nothing or breaks the entire site, nothing in between.

I'm going to have to write my own damn template for this site, aren't I?
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I'll be doing websearching for this answer, but figured I'd toss it out there - if any of you know Adobe InDesign CS, is there a way to put page number on *top* of graphics? The image for each page of the comic is the same size as the page (easier to center that way), and from what I recall last year of laying out PBR, I had to give up on page numbers because they kept displaying *under* the comic page image, thus rendering them invisible.
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I've just uploaded small versions of what the final cover for Spindrift will look like with the title and back-cover blurb and all to the PBR website: - the thumbnail in the sidebar leads to the Spindrift page, and you can click on the inline cover there to see a slightly larger version.

The title bar is lower than on Project Blue Rose because otherwise it would run right across Rinchen's knife and there's a whole lot of busy going on there that would complicate the title even more with the knife and the red sash and so on. I don't feel the need to make the identical in layout, just to have enough similar elements that you can take one look at a cover and assume it's one of ours.

Major goal for today at work: attempt not to have migraine.

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