Apr. 17th, 2019 02:20 pm
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The university I work at is closing early this afternoon due to the terrible weather (storms, hail, tornadoes, THE WRATH OF GOD) predicted later this afternoon and evening. ([personal profile] yhlee I don't know if this stuff is moving east, but if it is: batten down the hatches tomorrow!).

The best part is that we, along with many students, staff, faculty and most especially non-local parents of students who have their phone numbers registered as primary contact, will be notified, perhaps multiple times tonight, by texts and robocalls, that there is severe weather on campus and we should seek shelter immediately.


Apr. 12th, 2019 01:56 pm
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We've got 2 outlets on the outside of the house--one front, one back--that quit working some time back. We had the electrician over today for other reasons and finally remembered to mention the outlets.

Turns out that they're tripped by a GFCI outlet SOMEWHERE in the house. We have no idea where. The electrician searched with [personal profile] myrialux for a while--they thoroughly searched the garage because that would be something tied to the front and back outside of the house--but left without finding it.

Anyone have a similar problem? If so, where did you find the hidden outlet? (It's not the laundry room.)


Apr. 11th, 2019 03:29 pm
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This came across my reading list--it's a post about how authors can donate electronic copies of their books to an organization that supplies ebooks to readers with disabilities that make it difficult to impossible to read print books: https://access-fandom.dreamwidth.org/125789.html

Also, we were visited by a snail yesterday.

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...can any of you tell me what this thing is?

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Did I do ANYTHING, ANYTHING that I needed to do this weekend? Well, actually, yes, but not the short-term acute things that have piled up that I reeeeally needed to get done. Instead I spent the weekend grappling with accounting apps to get my business finances nailed down.

After going through two different apps, I have discovered that the things I originally really wanted (integration with Square and my bank account) actually make things hellishly worse to integrate because I have sloooowly been moving business-related stuff over from my personal accounts at my bank to my business account at a credit union, and thus a number of deposits and withdrawals were taken care of in giant lumps instead of individual transactions. Argh. Do not recommend.

Oct-Feb are hopelessly muddled and will never be reconciled, but I have March and what's done of April perfectly matched up, and the amount of money it thinks I have in the bank and the amount of money I actually have in the bank match, so I'm calling that good.

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Every so often when I have a few minutes of downtime, I search stock photo sites for photos I can throw in collections for potential future use. And as with all costumed pictures, I have to ask "Is it cosplay?" because if it's decently accurate cosplay...I can't use it.

I mean... "portrait of armored medieval warrior with sword" my ass.*

OTOH, these guys are evoking the Night Watch costume and character designs from Game of Thrones without straying too far into cosplay territory, so they're usable.

So... Are these two cosplaying anything recognizable?

* If you don't recognize him, that's a decent but not great makeup/wig-wise cosplay of Geralt from the Witcher video games. (that's specifically the video game design; I don't know how/if they differ from the books' descriptions of him.)
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Guys do you think my email is trying to tell me something?

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Yesterday I found out about the Lanterns at the Gardens, an exhibition of Chinese-style lantern/sculpture things. So Toby and I braved the cold (it's Texas' fourth winter this year, it seems--cool but with a cold wind) this evening to go look at them.

It was pretty spectacular. There were a lot of lanterns/sculptures/waht-have-you, but here are some of my favorites (well, some of the ones that came out best in the photos).

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The day the ship docked in Puerto Rico, our tour was later in the day. We got off and wandered around for a bit in the morning, just to see where we needed to meet and to take in a bit of San Juan.

As we were walking along the wide sidewalk along the seashore, a woman in a group of tourists passing by us inadvertently smacked the back of my hand with something she was holding. I don't know what it was, perhaps a hard sunglasses case. Maybe a brick. Or a small neutron star. Whichever way it was, it hurt like hell for a moment, and then started to bruise spectacularly.

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I don't blame the woman for hitting me, but I do blame her for not turning around and saying "Sorry!" or "Whoops!" or something like that. There was no way she didn't feel the impact, too, and no excuse for not showing the basics of human decency. I only wish I'd screamed "OW!" or something at the time, but things that take me by surprise often result in dead silence from me, for whatever reason. Ah well.

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