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From the Muddy Colors art and artists blog: Joy and Play at Work
Look unless you’ve grown up in an art household or on an island of painters, you’ve been made to feel that drawing and painting is never more than an act of play, or distraction from “real” work. Even I sometimes snidely refer to myself as “still waiting to get a real job”. But as those of us trying to build an art life and make a go at it in some professional capacity know, it’s entirely the opposite. It’s work. The hardest work because it doesn’t just require the kind of physical stamina to execute the work, the late nights and hoofing it all over to try and find a wedge in the door, but it exhausts us deeper on almost every level. In art making we are confronted with a myriad of opportunities to be forced into the Thunderdome of our own egos, our deepest psychological foibles, and our fears. A long day at work for us can be exhausting on many levels. I know when I get back from a show or a con I am utterly drained to my tap root, and we’ve all had a terrific day in the studio that can leave us depleted. When you do this for a living that work just gets harder, not easier, even as you achieve a level of autonomy, the stakes increase, the need to not just climb the mountain but keep from being slid off it into irrelevancy explodes. All the more reason to find a locale for feeling pure joy wherever possible.
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telophase: (Default) is a seven-hour video of cats sitting under a kotatsu warming themselves.

(Jump to 1:43:21 for the sneeze.)
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...I am currently being charmed by the Geography Now YouTube channel. It's a guy and some of his friends who are making short videos introducing and explaining a little bit about every country in the alphabetical order.

Also, Nefer has yet another UTI and spent Monday at the vet getting diagnosed and dosed with meds. She came home apparently smelling of the vet, and Sora took great exception to this state of affairs. They were both up on my desk, Sora sniffed her, and then hissed at her FOUR TIMES before I separated them. And then I caught him later sniffing her and hissing again. Luckily, she was doped up on pain meds and quite amiable about every little thing that happened to her so we didn't have a huge catfight on our hands.

She seems to be feeling better right now, so we think the antibiotics she got shot up with are working. The cultures haven't come back yet, so we may end up having to go pick up a new prescription for her if it comes back that her infection is resistant.

I have no idea which cat is the more expensive one right now. They're involved in a neck-and-neck race here. XD (we looked up pet insurance a few years back, noted what it would cover, noted that our cats were getting things not covered, and just started putting money aside every month for pet care. It has served us in good stead.)
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Title stolen from the Metafilter thread. Exactly what it says on the box: an alpaca wandered into an optician's shop in France. If you want to practice reading French and/or see more cute pictures, Un alpaga s’échappe et s’invite chez l’opticien!


Jan. 9th, 2019 02:09 pm
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Elli Jelly has recorded the eldritch version of "Jolene" whose lyrics were roaming around Tumblr.

Via Metafilter:
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The Masterlist of Masterlists of Communities on Dreamwidth

(Newcomers: this is what I do, post nothing at all for days on end, then post 3243432 short posts within a day. Welcome to ADHD-land.)
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A video Tweet from the Center for Biological Diversity: Watch these wildlife officials struggle to stay alive as they release the world's most badass bobcat kitten back into the wild. The bobcat, who we're calling Mr. Murderbritches, was relocated after he was caught eating 🐔🐔🐔 in Kanarraville, UT.
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Via a coworker, an article about Harlem Renaissance writer Nella Larsen, who was a NYPL librarian in the 1920s.

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