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...The time where I go mad trying to work out how to do something in INDesign as I put together the ConDFW program book.

So. Does anyone know how to do the settings so that when I place a document it KEEPS THE ITALICS? I can get it to bring in all the styles I've applied to it, but not italics. Screenshot of settings I'm using behind the cut. Read more... )
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UPDATE: I found a mention on a forum that Apple's Snow Leopard update broke the engine that creates the booklets. However I've got InDesign on PC at work, so I'm going to take a copy in and see if it works there.


InDesign users who have experience with creating printer spreads from InDesign: help! Every time I try to create printer spreads using Print Booklet, it insists on putting them out of order.

It *should* place them like so:

Back Cover (pg 52) | Cover (pg 1)
Inside Front (2) | Inside Back (51)
50 | 3
4 | 49

What I get is:

Blank | Cover (1)
2 | Back Cover (52)
Inside Back (51) | 3
4 | 50

What am I doing wrong here? 52 is divisible by 4, so they should all fit properly onto 13 sheets of double-sided paper, and I can't think of anything else...
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Is there a way to either place or paste text which is already formatted? As in, I've got a very long document that consists of ConDFW panelist bios that I need to get into the program book InDesign document, preferably WITHOUT me having to go back through the over 50 entries and manually re-italicize the HUNDREDS of book and magazine titles?

I can put the original document into whatever file type I need to do. I HAVE THAT POWER. I just can't get the damn thing into InDesign without stripping all formatting, even after clicking "Show all importing options" and playing with the options there.
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...does anyone out there know how to add a page to the front of the document without messing up the page numbering? As in, I have a digital book I've put together* that I'm uploading to Lulu for a print-on-demand kinda thing, but I also want to create an ebook version for which I need to add the cover at the front of the document. If I'm making sense.

The answer is probably out there online or in the Help, but I'm sleepy enough that I can't come up with the proper search terms at the moment.

I used to be able to do this in Acrobat Pro, but it seems that didn't come with my CS5 setup, and the version I have is probably too old to install onto Win7.

* Which I've discussed before under f-lock, but not this specific plan publicly as it's a surprise for someone who occasionally reads my f-list.
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I'll be doing websearching for this answer, but figured I'd toss it out there - if any of you know Adobe InDesign CS, is there a way to put page number on *top* of graphics? The image for each page of the comic is the same size as the page (easier to center that way), and from what I recall last year of laying out PBR, I had to give up on page numbers because they kept displaying *under* the comic page image, thus rendering them invisible.

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