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So the other night I was reading in bed and, out of the corner of my eye, kept glimpsing a bald man lying down next to Sora...

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a story in four pictures:

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I've uploaded two videos in the past couple of days:

Our morning routine, which is Nefer demanding I turn the shower on for her. She's quieter than usual in the video--normally she yells until I accede to her demands.

This next one is a video we pulled off the PS4 of Toby playing Fallout 4. If you didn't read my previous post (with the crappy video), he accidentally got into the biggest fight he'd ever been in in FO4, because it turns out that when you lay waste to the Institute, the game doesn't want you to leave and spawns dozens and dozens of synth troopers to fight you. Toby defeated them all armed only with a knife. (And a set of power armor. And some maxed-out Stealth and Blitz stats.) The PS4's framerate went to hell through trying to render all those troopers.

Highlights: The video starts midway through the first wave. Then skip to 4:32 for the beginning of the second wave. Then skip to 10 seconds before the end for the punchline of trying to close the elevator door on a giant pile of bodies.

Synth Trooper Scrum
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Very tiny, very scared wee beastie at the library today. I heard him squalling outside my window (CLOSED and TWO FLOORS UP!), and a coworker who does kitten fostering and campus trap-neuter-release went outside and caught him. He's on his way to the vet now.
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We had to take Nefer in to the vet on Monday morning because she'd been displaying signs of a UTI. No definite diagnosis yet, because we had to go home with a urine sample kit, which consists of a small handful of nonabsorbent sand, a pipette, and a vial. Toby telecommuted today and we locked Nefer into the spare bedroom and hall bath (they're connected), and set up the spycam to keep an eye on the litter substitute. It worked, and I even got the pics before Toby did, so I texted him that Nefer had been at the litter, and he collected the sample and took it in to the vet. We'll find out more after they have a chance to test it.

But all that is to say that we haven't gotten around to taking the camera up yet, and the cats have been wandering in and out of the bathroom all afternoon, trying to figure out what's up, and these three shots caught Sora with the right timing and going in the right direction to make it look like he's spread out over three pictures.

Well, I found it interesting.
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This link is to a video hosted on Tumblr that I took of Nefer snoring. I actually posted it several days ago, but an overzealous Tumblr bot auto-flagged it for featuring sexual content (wtf?), so I had to send in an appeal, and it was reinstated today.

So! VIEW THE VIDEO TUMBLR DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE! FEATURING A CAT SNORING! (With bonus whisker twitches, too! You may need to turn your volume up to hear the snores, but it's totally worth it.)
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Just got a call from the vet--Nefer's labs came back totally normal, so she has been cured! Woo! We took her and Sora in yesterday, and we were pretty sure the I-131 injection had worked, as she'd gained a chunk of weight when previously she'd been losing. (Sora had gained a pound, too, because we'd been free-feeding them for few months in an attempt to encourage Nefer to eat more. Once she went in for the injection we started scaling back on the food, so he should be losing slowly now.)

Anyway, here, have a picture of the cats to celebrate:

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