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FYI the Project Blue Rose site got hacked by a pharma spammer, so I've taken it down in advance of re-uploading it. So if you notice, you don't need to tell me. :)
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Blue roses in Japan! (Okay, they look more purple than blue to me, but hey.)


Aug. 16th, 2009 04:12 pm
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Finally, Project Blue Rose, Project Blue Rose: Human Touch, and Spindrift are available in digital format at a steeply discounted price! Head on over to and check it out!

(And do feel free to pass the word on!)
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This deserves a separate post instead of just editing a previous one. This is a selection of the hits I've gotten this month to date on the Project Blue Rose website.

(P.S.: This is not an invitation to try to game my stats by finding strange search terms - I use the stats to see how people are finding the site so I can figure out how to sell them stuff, and that muddies the info I get. And to make up for destroying your fun, I'll say the strangest search phrase for this month so far is "keyong exercise for the pennis.")


Feb. 18th, 2009 03:21 pm
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I haven't been posting much on the search engine terms that leads to my sites and the like, because it seems to spur you guys to try to jimmy my results*, but I have to share this search string that found
anime girls stuck in glue
My only comfort is that it would have led directly to the page where I describe THAT CREEPY GUY.

* Which I'm using to try to figure out real things, like how to get people to the site, whether it's worth it to sell ads, etc. so you can see where this is a problem.
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Blue roses finally exist! Part rose, part petunia (they've got a petunia gene spliced into them).

No word yet on whether they're telepathic or not.
telophase: (Project Blue Rose - Jordan and Rivas) of the search strings that found the Project Blue Rose site was jordan in tight black leather. Perhaps we should keep that in mind.

(all the fishes is one of them also. Hm.
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For the person who reached the Project Blue Rose website with the query:
i drew in blue and the scanner can't see it, yeah. The point of bluelines is that they can't be seen. (P.S. Either ink on top of the blue lines, or scan in color.)

ETA: Also, I can tell that NaNo is getting closer: the number of hits the Cool Bits and various other generators are getting from the NaNoWriMo boards is increasing exponentially. :D
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Now I KNOW you guys are doing this, because we rarely get more than 5 or 6 hits on the PBR site per day. :)
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Actually, it *does* eff up the stats for me to get lots of hits that don't mean anything. I'm not looking at the stats for fun, but trying to figure out what sorts of things I need to put on that site to drive REAL traffic there because I would like to, say, SELL BOOKS and PAY RENT, and the bogus stats make that impossible.

(Not to mention it was funny the first couple of times, but after the eleventh, it's a little tiring. The best comedians know when to stop telling the joke.)

SO therefore I AM REQUESTING that every time you drop a bogus hit onto my site stats, you purchase something from through one of our Amazon referrer links. It doesn't have to be any of the books featured on the page like Rachel's memoir or the manga reviews, because if you access Amazon through one of our links, the referrer ID stays with you and credits us with a few pennies. Although Rachel would love it if you bought her memoir, which was published by a real publisher and everything, and is quite good to boot.
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I wonder, perhaps, if That Creepy Guy[TM] has been websearching...
2	manga inking tutorials
1	starting out manga
1	manga inking what to use
1	stuck in glue her feet
1	what kind of things people like to buy
1	sexy poses for the larger lady
1	scanning manga
1	computers internet blog
1	spindrift inking pens
1	manga paper line
1	g nib inking
1	comic page bleed

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