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I signed up for [community profile] fandom_stocking this year, and my stocking is here.

I meant to say The Haunting of Hill House rather than The House on Haunted Hill, but it gets across the idea of horror and ghost stories that aren't terribly DEMON POSSESSED SPLATTERPORN, so I'll let it stand.

Now to try to get enough motivation to do something in return for someone! I had a migraine threaten yesterday morning and for ONCE managed to take meds in time to catch it, but that means I spent the rest of yesterday and last night rather sleepy, and I'm still kinda sleepy this morning. At least in the afternoon I didn't have to do anything more taxing than sit in a chair at the salon and let my stylist color my hair. As is my tradition, I took a selfie from the car and sent it to Toby, and as usual it looks nothing like the actual color.

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So apparently I have curly hair now. Forty-odd years of stick-straight hair (though permed to hell in the 80s and early 90s), and now this. Who knew?

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And one more post this morning before we go find breakfast and then PACK ALL THE THINGS!

Went to get my hair cut yesterday, which is where I learned about the Groupon coming out today. It's been HOTTER THAN HELL here and I was tired of my hair gluing itself to my forehead in damp strings, so I told Anthony "Think Judi Dench!" He said "That's short!" I said "That's the idea!"

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Okay. So I'm getting my hair cut at the salon I go to, which moved to a more ... not downtown, as it's still a mile or so south of downtown, but certainly a more hip, "up and coming" neighborhood, which is code for "the crack dealers are moving out and the trendy artists are moving in."

As part of the vibrant street life there's this raving street preacher who wanders in every single day right about 3:30, and since I always go at 3, he wanders through in the middle of my haircut (which means I have no real idea what he looks like, as my glasses are always off). He writes his own sermons. They're not very long, as he hand-writes them on printer paper or notebook paper in large handwriting. He reads the sermon off with no regard for punctuation, and if he's got an invitation to a prayer meeting at the end of it, he launches straight into that with no pause, which is a bit disconcerting.

The staff listen to him politely, say "Praise Jesus" if he says "Say Praise Jesus!" and then he leaves, leaving his handwritten sermon behind. I do not know if he writes a different sermon for every place he visits, or just copies the same one out by hand. Anthony, my stylist, keeps the sermons in a folder and claims he's going to put them into a coffee-table book, and give Preacher Guy, whose name I've forgotten, a copy, and keep one for the coffee table in the waiting area.

Today Anthony showed me what he terms the Scary Jesus sermon, which is one on which Preacher Guy drew a picture in ballpoint pen and pink highlighter. When he gave it to Anthony, Anthony said "So who's this bad guy?" pointing to the picture, whereupon Preacher Guy was slightly affronted and said "That's Jesus!"

And when I looked at Scary Jesus, I thought he bore a distinct resemblance to James May from Top Gear.

If you don't believe any of this story, I present you proof! Page 1 of the sermon, along with Scary Jesus and James May side-by-side:

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Jul. 8th, 2009 05:59 pm
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Kittyspam, new haircut, and button display board. :)

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I have the pictures you were screaming for here. Can I have some peace and quiet now?

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Mar. 27th, 2008 07:43 pm
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New hair color! Black with purple highlights! And yay! my stylist believed me when I said that once I wore a black wig to A-Kon and had people stopping me in the hall to tell me how good it looked. So he went for the black, and after it was done, said "Wow, that looks awesome!" (It's all down to the pale skin and green eyes contrasted with the black, I think. XD

I asked for something a bit more girly this time for the cut, and I'm growing it out a bit, so what I've got is ... er, not really a bowl cut, but unfortunately the closest comparison I can think of is a girly Rock Lee. As in actual pretty girly and not the GAAAAHHHHHHH girly his hair already is. Photos eventually.

And then I had the 20-minute TORTURE of driving home while ABSOLUTELY STARVING with a large order of barbecue in the car. But! Now I am home! And now I can eat!
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Re: crockpots: [ profile] yhlee and anyone else who has a slow cooker and not yet tried the slow cooker plastic liners: I've now tried one and it is muy excellente. You put it in your crock and fold it down over the pot as a whole, put your stuff in, pop the lid on and cook. After it's done and you eat, you empty it out, wait for it to cool, then lift out the dirty liner and toss it in the trash. You only have to clean the lid of the crockpot. Yay! Might get expensive if you cook several times a week - I think I paid $4-5 for the box of four liners, but as I hate hate hate washing the thing since it's so heavy, I find it well worth the expense. Especially as I use the slow cooker on the order of once a month. :D

And now for the hair! Since [ profile] rachelmanija is viciously off having a life or something and not sitting by her computer awaiting my email and giving me instant feedback on hair, I turn to the internet. I'm updating the hair for Rivas and Jordan in Project Blue Rose* so they will have hair with actual style and not my Generic Default Guy Hairstyles.

Why I'm doing it right now? Because at lunch today I was in line at Subway behind this Hispanic kid from the local high school who had Rivas' exact hair - lovely, thick, glossy, black, straight - and it was artfully cut into a style that I figured Jordan would drag Rivas off to a salon somewhere and make him get. Similar to his previous one-length bob (see icon), with slight layers at the end to make it move, and shorter lengths around the face, swept to one side.

Rivas now gets to grouse about his hair always being in his face.

I'm also working on a new 'do for Jordan, which will have life and movement and not be so damn hard to draw. (For a simple style like he had before, it was damn hard to do consistently.)

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* Don't know what Project Blue Rose and/or Spindrift are? Hie thee hence to and find out!
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My God I feel like an anime character. None of you got the color combo right, although I'm surprised at the amount of you who went for totally mundane hair colors. XD

It's the same cut as I've had all summer long - I don't wear it spiky because I don't bother to style it, I just wash it and go; it's just this way since my stylist made it all spiky. :)

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In an attempt to generate email for myself with LJ notifications: a poll! I got my hair cut last week (pretty much the same style I've had all summer), and I'm getting it colored this afternoon. My stylist mentioned last week what he'd like to do with it, which mostly consisted of grabbing handfuls of hair and saying "And this here and this here and streaks of this here and here..."

So: a poll! Guess what colors I'm going to end up with. :D For bonus points, explain where you think the colors are going in the comments. :)

[Poll #1042780]

And, man but the grammar in "What colors is telophase going to end up with in her hair?" sounds wonky, but I think it's perfectly correct.

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