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Last week's poll on the pronunciation of "ogle" was illuminating (click 'pollage' tag to see it, as DW and LJ polls are separate). I'll admit that I always thought the "oggle" pronunciation was plain old mispronunciation but I did check the online OED before posting the poll, which gave "oggle" as a secondary pronunciation. I think it called it out as primarily American, but I can't double-check as the database isn't loading for me at the moment (and with the construction in the library I have no idea where the dictionaries are currently located!).

Anyway! As it's too confusing to work up a poll (and tedious to post it separately on DW and LJ since the two systems don't crosspost polls), I'm just asking you:
how do you pronounce "ogle" and where did you pick it up?
I'm "oh-gle," to rhyme with "mogul," and most likely got it from central Texas, where I grew up.

(I still think "oggle" and "oogle" are COMPLETELY WRONG but it's a free country and you are entitled to disagree. I mean, you'll still be wrong.)

EDIT: The OED is back up for me! Yup, it says "oggle" is American:
Pronunciation: Brit. /ˈəʊɡl/ , U.S. /ˈoʊɡ(ə)l/ , /ˈɑɡ(ə)l/
Although I suppose I should have added "uggle" to the poll as a fourth option!
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[Poll #2021425]

This post brought to you by my low-burning annoyance at people who obviously pronounce it COMPLETELY WRONG. (How do I pronounce it? rot13: Bcgvba ahzore gjb)
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How do you pronounce the word "ogle," as in to stare at someone or something?

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Rhymes with "toggle"
6 (23.1%)

Rhymes with "mogul"
18 (69.2%)

Rhymes with "google"
1 (3.8%)

Uh...I thought it was spelled "oggle"?
0 (0.0%)

Uh...I thought it was spelled "oogle"?
1 (3.8%)

This post brought to you by my low-burning annoyance at people who obviously pronounce it COMPLETELY WRONG. (How do I pronounce it? rot13: Bcgvba ahzore gjb)


Jul. 14th, 2008 12:08 pm
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Teh back cover blurb of Deborah Chester's The Pearls reads:
Lady Lea--beloved sister of the Emperor Caelan--is beautiful, good-hearted, and magically gifted, with the ability to see into the hearts of others. And when what she sees moves her to tears, those tears are transformed into flawless pearls.

Lord Shadrael, dispatched by his warlord brother to kidnap a member of the royal family, chooses Lea. A hardened warrior, he believes himself impervious to her powerful gifts. But on their journey through the fearsome Hidden Ways of the shadow world, he is drawn to Lea's goodness and inner strength...

In Shadreal, Lea can forsee her destiny, even as she anticipates great grief. For ultimately, if she is to save Shadrael from his own darkness, she will have to choose between her brother and her abductor...
[Poll #1223143]

ETA: Damn! I forgot to add "Keep me humming ZZTop's "Pearl Necklace" and sniggering throughout the whole book." to the list of options!
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In an attempt to generate email for myself with LJ notifications: a poll! I got my hair cut last week (pretty much the same style I've had all summer), and I'm getting it colored this afternoon. My stylist mentioned last week what he'd like to do with it, which mostly consisted of grabbing handfuls of hair and saying "And this here and this here and streaks of this here and here..."

So: a poll! Guess what colors I'm going to end up with. :D For bonus points, explain where you think the colors are going in the comments. :)

[Poll #1042780]

And, man but the grammar in "What colors is telophase going to end up with in her hair?" sounds wonky, but I think it's perfectly correct.
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poll idea totally ripped off from [ profile] sub_divided

Check here to see what server cluster and subcluster you're on. Then Share and Enjoy!

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