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After reading a couple more pages on a quick break, I've spotted what I think is a typo. I only think it's a typo, because Chester is now employing a technique which tends to annoy me - in order to show that This World Is Not Ours, she's taking a word that means something specific in our world, and changing it a bit to indicate something similar in the world of the book. So it is, perhaps, not a typo.

At any rate, the typo is "bafboy." Which I think is supposed to be "batboy," as in "batman," the servant to a military officer, as it's used that way in context. (Unless, back when Our Hero was in the army, he was an avid baseball player and required a specialized lackey.) And the reason I'm not entirely sure of that is that in this world we don't have centurions, we have centruins. *twitch*

I will point out that the way Our Hero (or possibly Our Antihero, if it's played right) is described in the book, he's way more hot and looks much different than on the cover. He cuts all his hair off before heading out, so he's basically got a Caesar cut*, and his armor has spikes on. I mean, dude, ARMOR WITH SPIKES ON.

* The Russell Crowe type of Caesar cut, not this type of Caesar cut, which he's sporting on the cover.
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From page 2 of The Pearls
Burly, bearded, clad in armor, and fisting a stout war mace studded with steel spikes, Lord Vordachai was neither a prudent man nor one that any prudent thief would dare attack.
I ... don't think I'd attack him, either.*
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Jul. 14th, 2008 12:08 pm
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Teh back cover blurb of Deborah Chester's The Pearls reads:
Lady Lea--beloved sister of the Emperor Caelan--is beautiful, good-hearted, and magically gifted, with the ability to see into the hearts of others. And when what she sees moves her to tears, those tears are transformed into flawless pearls.

Lord Shadrael, dispatched by his warlord brother to kidnap a member of the royal family, chooses Lea. A hardened warrior, he believes himself impervious to her powerful gifts. But on their journey through the fearsome Hidden Ways of the shadow world, he is drawn to Lea's goodness and inner strength...

In Shadreal, Lea can forsee her destiny, even as she anticipates great grief. For ultimately, if she is to save Shadrael from his own darkness, she will have to choose between her brother and her abductor...
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ETA: Damn! I forgot to add "Keep me humming ZZTop's "Pearl Necklace" and sniggering throughout the whole book." to the list of options!

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