Aug. 21st, 2007

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In an attempt to generate email for myself with LJ notifications: a poll! I got my hair cut last week (pretty much the same style I've had all summer), and I'm getting it colored this afternoon. My stylist mentioned last week what he'd like to do with it, which mostly consisted of grabbing handfuls of hair and saying "And this here and this here and streaks of this here and here..."

So: a poll! Guess what colors I'm going to end up with. :D For bonus points, explain where you think the colors are going in the comments. :)

[Poll #1042780]

And, man but the grammar in "What colors is telophase going to end up with in her hair?" sounds wonky, but I think it's perfectly correct.
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My God I feel like an anime character. None of you got the color combo right, although I'm surprised at the amount of you who went for totally mundane hair colors. XD

It's the same cut as I've had all summer long - I don't wear it spiky because I don't bother to style it, I just wash it and go; it's just this way since my stylist made it all spiky. :)

cut for pics )
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If there's something in particular you want from Japan like doujinshi or a CD you've been looking for or something, I will try to get it. I am making no guarantees, though: I may get distracted by something shiny and not bother to go shopping for whatever it is you want. :)

So, let me know (a) what you want (b) up to how much you're willing to pay (Paypal, and don't forget shipping) and (c) your address so I can mail it and not have to lug the damn thing all around Japan. Replies are screened so that nobody but me will know your secret fetish for YuGioh! porn or Kenpachi/Byakuya yaoi. Or your, y'know, personal info. :)

If I get whatever it is, I'll buy it, then email ya and you can paypal me then.

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