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Aaaand yesterday was inexplicably a slow day in LJ land as my breakup post made it to the top 25 of posts on LJ, was #5 the last time I looked this morning, and is gathering comments from people I'm not familiar with! Not complaining, just wondering why *my* post hit the big time and not any of the other million posts I've seen on the subject.
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It's been a good 15ish years, but this new agreement LJ wants me to sign has done it. I'm stopping crossposting to LJ and moving over to Dreamwidth. You can find me there at [personal profile] telophase, same as LJ, and if you don't want to get a DW you can use OpenID to comment with your LJ, Facebook, or other creds. A warning: if I don't log in to LJ for 6 months, they can now delete my account and free up the user name, so I may vanish if I forget to do that.

The bits of the agreement I'm eyeing sideways under the cut:

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If you comment on LJ and I don't comment back, it's because LJ is being very weird and either not showing me the comments at all (Firefox) or is showing them to me but making it very difficult to actually click on any link to reply or button to post it (Chrome).

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I have yet again accepted that I'm not going to go back and reply to all the unreplied-to comments on LJ and DW that I've been keeping in my inbox for months, and deleted them. If I have not replied to you it's because I am a slacker and not because of any ulterior motive.
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Livejournal, why are you not letting me reply to comments over there? You are complaining my login cookie has been lost when I try to reply, and yet I am logged in and you are showing me locked posts on my f-list?!
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I'm attempting to post a comment in someone's LJ and I'm now getting an LJ error in what looks like Chinese?!

SO: [ profile] wordsofastory, I'm attempting to comment on your Game of Thrones post with this (no spoilers, but I won't guarantee any comments made to this post will be spoiler-free):
I'll direct you to this Fanfare thread at Metafilter for discussion of the beetle thing, and a couple of good interpretations. Alas, the thread is 300+ comments and I read them yesterday, and I'm attempting to get actual work done today, so I'm not diving back into there in order to point out the relevant comments (but I expect ctrl-F for "beetle" will point to them).
And now I go to log out of LJ and log back in and see if that fixes the error. ETA: It seems to have fixed it.
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There should be a little speech bubble with a question mark on the top right of the new profile page. Clicking that gets you the pop-up that allows you to go back to the old style.

Or, if you're me, the speech bubble and questions mark do not show up, but clicking randomly on blank spaces on the top right of the bar at the top of the profile page led the pop-up to pop up, from which I could change back to the old style. (THANK YOU [personal profile] boxofdelights!)
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The beta test that you threw me on five minutes ago has rendered me unable to read any comments on LJ! Awesome! Exactly what I wanted! How did you ever know?

I've tested removing AdBlock and the Greasemonkey script that stops LJ perma-loading, but they don't seem to affect it. Off to try Ghostery next...

edit: Ah, I forgot I don't have Ghostery installed on my work computer. So that's ruled out!

edit edit: to get back to the old style, follow these directions


Mar. 5th, 2013 12:18 pm
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Messing with my Dreamwidth journal style. Maybe be terribly messed up for a few days. No need to inform me. :D

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