telophase: (Default) is George Washington punching a tiger. It's an unrolled set of tweets on Threadreader featuring an illustrated 19th century Japanese children's book of stories about America, originally created from two secondhand sources with a lot of artistic liberty, which probably explains a lot. If only my American history classes focused more on John Adams fighting a snake by summoning a giant eagle and less on tariffs. I'd have paid a lot closer attention.

In other news, on day 2 of a headache that kept me home from work yesterday. At work today, but may go home around lunch if it doesn't get any better.


Nov. 12th, 2018 09:19 am
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The MRI last week showed absolutely nothing, so whatever the issue was, those sorts of scary brain things are ruled out. Yay. :) (And I have no vertigo right now.)
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So I had an MRI yesterday. And it's probably going to be a lot of money spent for totally unrelated symptoms.
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We went to the MST3K live show in Dallas this past weekend, and also to a Not Harry Potter "Festival of Mischief", which was mostly a bunch of vendors selling things*, areas for kids to play Potter-themed games, food trucks, actors wandering around dressed as HP characters**, and crafts. If they got some entertainment/shows like a magic show or comedy show, like the ones at Renfaires, it would have been better. But we did get a photo of ourselves posing with me holding a Eurasian eagle owl*** so hey.

There was an actual thing I was going to post about here, but I forgot what it was. Alas. I shall post again when I think of it.

*If there was a licensed thing in the lot, I would be surprised.

** The Snape was very tall and when nobody was bugging him for pictures, he would walk up behind some kid and loom over them until they turned around and noticed him. He would also alternate poses in pictures, either pointing his wand as the kid, or posing as if he were smacking them upside the head with a copy of the Potions book.

*** Who was supremely uninterested in either of us.
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In today's shipping weirdness an order I placed from an online clothing store a couple of days ago apparently includes a duplicate of an order I placed in September. No idea how. (You'd think I'd have noticed when I paid, but it was late and I was sleepy.) So the shipping notice I got today includes eight items instead of four, four of which I already own. Bah. The annoying part is that two of the items are now on final sale, which means no returns.

I have sent an email to the company, expressing that I am going to be unhappy if I can't return the two final sale items. We shall see what they say.


Sep. 17th, 2018 12:26 pm
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I did a big push this weekend to get several photomontage-type covers cleared out of the way so I can spend the next two weeks focusing on a painting I've got to do. Didn't get 2 of them finished, but I've got approval for the concepts from the authors and the rest will be (reasonably) easy to do.

I did take time off twice, once to go see The Meg with Toby. My review is: I went to see Jason Statham* punch a shark, and Jason Statham more-or-less punched a shark, so I more-or-less got my money's worth. All eight of us in the theatre broke out in applause when he more-or-less punched the shark, so I assume everyone went in with similar expectations.

The other break was to watch three more episodes of The Dragon Prince on Netflix, which is a cartoon by the Avater: The Last Airbender people and my review is: WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING THIS YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING THIS.

* I was a bit worried that my dreams last night would involve the depths of the ocean and sharks, as my subconscious tends to throw things I've seen or done that day into my dreams, but they didn't. Instead I dreamed Jason Statham and I were a two-person team who did some sort of unspecified bodyguard/security work hired to do our thing someplace where there was a room full of children. We weren't told what was going on, but I worked out the kids were there to audition for a commercial and it was a sort of green room kitted out like a daycare. (Also, because when I have to go to the bathroom, it intrudes upon my dreams in a usually-unpleasant manner, I dreamed I did so in a bathroom with Jason Statham present. When someone else commented on that, I told them that once we'd been captured and held in a one-room cell for five days and after that, I just didn't care.)
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Am very tired--I didn't work out on Monday night because I'd gone home with a headache and it didn't go away until some time in the night*, but I did so last night instead. And I'm starting to feel the DOMS now.

Juggling cover commitments, art class, and working out right now, plus procrastination which comes out in the form of random generators, because making word lists is something I can do when I'm exhausted.

Nefer managed to injure her hind foot somehow (bug bite? scratch? nobody knows), which got infected. We took her to the vet, where we discovered she'd lost a POUND in just a few months which, given she was only 8 pounds before, is pretty stressful. Hopefully it was just due to being injured and she's gaining weight back--Toby's taking her in tomorrow this afternoon for a follow-up. She acts like she's feeling better, at least.

Sora is being Sora, which means he alternates between being a butt and being sweet. The latter mostly when he wants something--dinner from Toby or attention from me.

Toby and I are both tired and just done with various things happening at work and cannot wait until the vacation we have scheduled in a few weeks. Not saying too much about it beforehand in public as Toby doesn't like letting the internet know exactly when we'll be away from home, for some completely unknown reason.

Verses Composed Upon Reading a Review from TripAdvisor, via, er, someone in a tab I have closed.

* We've had a week or so of thunderstorms, which always do me in
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Test your pitch:
I got way better than I expected: 24/26.

Also a blog about a play session of Jason Statham's Big Vacation, a one-page RPG:

And in other Statham news, the MeFi comment thread in this post about the book and movie of The Meg is pretty funny:

Thunderstorms here, which is contributing to a headache. Bah.

Also, I have picked one of the pictures I posted about a week or so back to paint, but I shall coyly wait until I am done before I reveal it. (I actually like all of the thumbnails I posted, and am toying with the idea of painting more of them, just for the hell of it and for practice.)


Jul. 21st, 2018 01:29 pm
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I sprained my foot at 2:30AM thanks to a cat. I was in the bathroom, she
was in front of me, I attempted to step over her, she bolted right where my
foot was going down, and in an effort to not kill her, somehow my foot
ended up hitting the floor the wrong way.

I spent most of the rest of the night between drowsing and dreaming that I
was telling Toby about it and lying awake going AUGH THIS HURTS

No it didn’t occur to me to ice it.

The health care system our doc works in has after-hours clinics so we went
there this morning. Coincidentally our doc was there today, which was quite
nice. Got my foot x-rayed to rule out a break, got a scrip for a painkiller
to take at night. As I have some flat, stuff sandals she didn’t prescribe a
surgical shoe, on the basis that it usually makes people’s knee hurt
because it’s not the same thickness as the shoe on the other foot.

And of course I hobbled around the grocery store as we were waiting for the
pharmacy to fill the prescription, but that means now a pork shoulder is
roasting so we can eat off that for the next few days.

Toby is off at Target getting some bath mats that are light colored and
won’t hide the cat at night. Not that it would have helped last night, but
she likes to sleep on them at night and we’ve both accidentally kicked her
while shuffling into the bathroom in the dark.

Ah well.
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I have possibly solved my three-week tension headache by purchasing a new pillow. Yesterday I woke up with the headache back, but Excedrin managed to (eventually) kill it, and went by Bed Bath & Beyond, dropping $60 on the only pillow there that seemed to fit the sweet spot between being thicker than the one I was currently using (which I think had eventually gone flatter) and thinner than the one I pulled from the spare bedroom (which was Too Damn Fat to sleep on with any degree of comfort).
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Aaaand now that I post this, I think the headache is creeping back. Bah.

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