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I have yet again accepted that I'm not going to go back and reply to all the unreplied-to comments on LJ and DW that I've been keeping in my inbox for months, and deleted them. If I have not replied to you it's because I am a slacker and not because of any ulterior motive.


Mar. 5th, 2013 12:18 pm
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Messing with my Dreamwidth journal style. Maybe be terribly messed up for a few days. No need to inform me. :D

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...if you don't like the latest round of LJ changes, Dreamwidth has account creation open for the rest of the month, no invite code needed.
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If you don't read [site community profile] dw_maintenance, here's a heads-up: extended downtime for Dreamwidth next Tuesday from 9AM to 11AM PST (1700 to 1900 UTC), with a slow warm-up over several hours to normal operating capacity.

DW codes

Apr. 5th, 2011 09:43 am
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If any of you are unnerved enough by the DDoS attacks on LJ and want a backup on Dreamwidth, I've got several codes - drop me a line here (or by the email on my profile if you want to be a bit more anonymous).
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I just did a bit of adjusting f-lists between LJ and DW, so as not to have too much overlap on my reading lists. If you're on my DW reading list and find yourself all of a sudden not being able to read things on LJ that you wanted to over there, let me know and I'll restore access. And vice versa. (I tried to take people off the LJ list if they'd moved all or most of their comments to DW, but if there was commentary in both places that I tended to read, I left it as-is.)
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Naturally, what with all the hoo-hah over LJ's changes, including this new one that that logs you out of one account and into another automatically if you have more than one, are logged in to one, and click on a reply-to link in the LJ notification from the other I, and a billion other people, are offering up Dreamwidth invite codes.

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telophase: (Default) may have noticed that I'm messing about with the layout there. I'm trying to come up with something simple that I like, rather like my LJ layout, but am not yet successful. It'll probably go through a few more iterations in the coming weeks before it's done.
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The 8 people who've asked for Dreamwidth invite codes on my previous post have had them mailed as of 10:40 PM Central -- if you asked before then and haven't got it yet, drop me a line and let me know. :)
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Since I haven't gotten around to offering them lately, I now have a full sixteen 8 Dreamwidth invite codes available, in case you want to try DW out, for whatever reason. Importing all your LJ stuff is dead easy, if you want a backup.

Comments screened for privacy: post here with an e-mail address for me to send the invite to. It may say user "sumimasen" is sending you the invite: that's me, because I reserved that name in case I wanted to RP in the future. :)

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