Jun. 3rd, 2014

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If you want to come breed dragons, Flight Rising has a registration window open today (June 3rd). I am PecanOwl* over there, if you want to put a referral name down. that just means that if you end up paying real money to buy in-game currency--you can play JUST FINE without it, never fear!--I get a small kickback of in-game currency.

* Because when I signed up, for some reason I didn't want to be 'telophase' and as I was casting my eye about for ideas for a name, there happened to be a bag of pecans and a small red timer shaped like an owl sitting on my desk.
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I'm attempting to post a comment in someone's LJ and I'm now getting an LJ error in what looks like Chinese?!

SO: [livejournal.com profile] wordsofastory, I'm attempting to comment on your Game of Thrones post with this (no spoilers, but I won't guarantee any comments made to this post will be spoiler-free):
I'll direct you to this Fanfare thread at Metafilter for discussion of the beetle thing, and a couple of good interpretations. Alas, the thread is 300+ comments and I read them yesterday, and I'm attempting to get actual work done today, so I'm not diving back into there in order to point out the relevant comments (but I expect ctrl-F for "beetle" will point to them).
And now I go to log out of LJ and log back in and see if that fixes the error. ETA: It seems to have fixed it.

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