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I'm attempting to post a comment in someone's LJ and I'm now getting an LJ error in what looks like Chinese?!

SO: [ profile] wordsofastory, I'm attempting to comment on your Game of Thrones post with this (no spoilers, but I won't guarantee any comments made to this post will be spoiler-free):
I'll direct you to this Fanfare thread at Metafilter for discussion of the beetle thing, and a couple of good interpretations. Alas, the thread is 300+ comments and I read them yesterday, and I'm attempting to get actual work done today, so I'm not diving back into there in order to point out the relevant comments (but I expect ctrl-F for "beetle" will point to them).
And now I go to log out of LJ and log back in and see if that fixes the error. ETA: It seems to have fixed it.


May. 22nd, 2014 10:50 am
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Love is an open door. (Spoiler for the latest ep of Game of Thrones; nonspoilery ref to Frozen.)
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If you miss the square pizza from school, the America's Test Kitchen blog, Feed, has instructions. Only better.

(Cue non-Americans going "Square pizza?")

Also, I found out today that Ciaran Hinds and Dame Diana Rigg are both going to be in Game of Thrones this series. CANNOT WAIT.
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1) Day 10 of low-grade headache. Although I think right now it may be due more to caffeine lack than anything else - I broke down and took the promethazine/hydrocodone combo before I realized I hadn't had any caffeine since 6:45 AM. Whereupon I promtly made a cup of tea. The headache is receding now--not fully gone, but enough in the background that I can ignore it--but naturally I have no idea which remedy is responsible for it.

2) I also did something I'd been curious about and begged a few computer risers from my coworker who mans the equipment closet, and raised my monitor and keyboard up high enough that I could stand while working. Result: well, I got way more done today than I have in a long while, even with the headache (which I think has been whammying my ability to focus on anything for ten days). I stood for about 5-5.5 hours today, and will stand tomorrow as long as I can because I happen to like getting work done. It may be just the change affecting me - the last time I booted myself into focusing on a project was right after I rearranged my office - but I will take that! Plus, it's healthier than sitting for those 5-5.5 hours, provided I'm careful of my knees and back. (Not to mention I actually move more when I'm standing - pacing, fidgeting, etc.) Anyway, if it seems that this will be a long-term thing, I'll get one of those nice standing pads that cashiers and chefs use to make it easier on my feet. :)

3) I'm sure there was a third thing I was going to post here. ETA: Oh, yeah. Game of Thrones. Up to ep 5 of season 2 now. We looked about for legal ways to get GoT and of course didn't find any short of subscribing to HBO (because why would they make it simple for people to just give them money and then stream the episodes instead of subscribing?). And then friends of ours passed on the info that AT&T had a 3-month-free offer if you subscribed to it, with the ability to cancel at any time with no penalty (one of them is about to go in for surgery and will be laid up for a while, so they're gathering entertainment options). So, hellooooo season 2 of GoT! It'll end right about the time the 3 months does, and if we forget to unsubscribe and pay for a month, oh hey, $15 for all of season 2. We have no problem with paying money for stuff we like, we just have a problem with paying $15/month for 12 months when all we watch is 10 episodes of one show. (That would be over $15 an episode if we ahd to subscribe for a year!)
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We started watching the first season of Game of Thrones this week--while I never managed to get too far into the first book, because I have lost my tolerance for millions of characters interacting with complicated plotlines in books, I'd heard enough good things about the series to give it a try. So I threw the DVDs onto our Netflix queue, figuring that we'd watch the first episode and if we liked it, we'd just rip all of them to put on the iPad and watch on the cruise. The first DVD came in on Saturday...

Um. We may actually have watched it all before the cruise. We're only two episodes in, but Toby looked at me the other day with delight, saying "The next Game of Thromes DVD comes in Friday!" So, yeah.

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