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Well, here's something I can do in Japan for a unique tourist experience!
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  • Find department store sale of Christmas stuff and buy some sort of Santa*
  • Find a Mister Donut and buy cupcakes.
  • Sleep

* I'm not entirely sure how or why I started this, but once we bought the house I started collecting Santas figures/dolls/what-have-you, one per year. I am hoping against all hope that there will be something available on December 27th in the clearance areas, because to go to Japan over Christmas and not get something to commemorate that would be just a bit sad. (If I don't find one, I'll probably order one from somewhere online. HOPEFULLY. SOMEHOW.)
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Can one of you take a gander at this page and tell me if you can figure out if the program where you can SHAKE HANDS WITH AN OTTER is a temporary thing or what? The original blog post I found on it mentioned that it was only open for a few weeks this summer, but I can see dates in December on that other page. Perhaps it's only on at certain times during the year?

Because if I can feed fish to shake hands with an otter, that would be a strong candidate for Things To Do In Japan on the next trip. :)


Nov. 12th, 2013 01:17 pm
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We've decided on our next trip, although not when it will be. We're going to Japan! When? Well, either one year from now or two years from now, depending on money, employment, and other factors. Why are we traveling in winter?
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The kitsune shrine! In Kyoto! [ profile] herchuckness found it and the door in the hill was open!

(If you've started reading my journal after my 2007 trip to Japan, click on the "fox shrine" tag below to read the Saga of the Mysterious Fox Shrine with the door into the hill that was chained shut and blocked with rocks.)
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[ profile] gryfeathr's in Kyoto now, and I gave her directions to the mysterious kitsune shrine [ profile] rachelmanija and I found. After a phone email of "We can't find it!" that had me wondering how much more mysterious this shrine could get, she and her companion/s managed to find it, and she sent me a picture from her phone.

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I found the company that makes the Leonardo da Vinci models like the one I posted about earlier!

They have a webshop up at but I haven't the slightest idea how to navigate around it, what their prices are like, or if they ship to the US (and it looks vaguely like they may do bulk orders only).

OTOH, they're also the company that makes the little models of weapons from Blade of the Immortal. I have Magatsu's double sword (it's the one right above the SECRET blurred-out one).

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