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HAAAAAAAIIIR! ...and kittyspam

My God I feel like an anime character. None of you got the color combo right, although I'm surprised at the amount of you who went for totally mundane hair colors. XD

It's the same cut as I've had all summer long - I don't wear it spiky because I don't bother to style it, I just wash it and go; it's just this way since my stylist made it all spiky. :)

The overall color 'round the back is red, with black around the face and pink and green streaks on the longer bangs. XD My stylist loves me because he's all "Can I put pink and green in your hair?" and I'm all "Sure!"

The first picture is probably the closest to the actual color, only the pink isn't quite that VIBRANT. The camera loves reds and pinks and amps them up.

And I promised you kittyspam. Here's one showing you how she gets half-closed eyes and dips her head reeeally low if you find the sweet spot right on top of her shoulderblades. I'm also awkwardly trying not to drop the camera - it won't focus unless it's at least 4 feet away from the object it's focusing on, and that's hard to maintain while scratching the cat. You're almost getting a peek down my shirt there.

And here is a photo showing how I have engaged the Feline Thwarting Device. The cat and I are in a long-term war over possession of The Chair, and we each resort to sneaky strategies to get and maintain control. I must engage the Feline Thwarting Device each and every time I get up from The Chair in order to keep the enemy at bay.

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Like the hair!

And the kitty definitely has a "Curses! Foiled again!" look on her face.

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Haha! Those are the same colors as my hair now! I love the combination, don't you? The haircut is so edgy. It really suits the shape of your face, too.

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XD We're obviously at the forefront of fashion, then! I like it a lot - I'm not entirely sold on the shade of green - I'll have to see how it wears out over the next few weeks. XD

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[identity profile] 2007-08-21 11:00 pm (UTC)(link) this moment I have such hair envy. *_*

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Love the hair!

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Aw man! You make me want to get my hair coloured.
I agree with The_Z, the style really suits you!

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It's totally anime! I love the colors, and you should definitely try to spike it sometimes, because that is *beyond* cute (says the woman whose very LJ info proclaims her hairstyling impairment...).

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Ooo, shiny hair! I really like the red.

Also, I love the last pic. "Next time, Gadget! Next time!"

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Hey, I think I got the scheme right!
I chose firetruck red, cupcake pink, and emerald green.

Seems like that was about what you had, save for the blond there.
Didn't actually expect you to go that far, its surprising but very cool!

I'd love to have a job where my hair color didn't matter, it would be purple and blue!

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ZOMG! You make me want to go punk.

PS. If you have a travel pillow, bring it. Japanese pillows can be weird.

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I'm sure we can find an appropriate salon to do it in Tokyo. XD *makes note to get [ profile] rachelmanja drunk and dyed*


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Did you get my Express mail packet?

Re: OT

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Yup. :)

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I just grabbed the colors on top. Looks good!
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[personal profile] snarp 2007-08-22 01:32 am (UTC)(link)
You are no doubt aware that you are only two or three cans of product from being Yugi?
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You and your hair are so beyond cool!   XD

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Great hair colors. It's so fun to have colors in your hair.

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Your hair is awesome! *thumbs up*

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Dammit, why are the cool color-related stylists not where I live? I just got mine cut but no way in hell is there anyone in the Shenandoah Valley that'll want to put wild colors in my hair.

BTW, the colors ROCK and really suit your eyes.

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The colors work well for you. :-D

LOL. My cats would probably plop themselves onto the Feline Thwarting Device anyway. One of my kittens keeps stealing my blue stuffed poodle no matter where I hide it. O_o

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