Feb. 21st, 2017 01:02 pm
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Just got a spam email at work with a URL that included "Potato Transformation Symposium." Not going to click it because (a) malware and (b) whatever's there will be a disappointment compared to what my mind conjures up from that phrase.
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Text of a Nigerian-type scam letter I received at my library email address today.

Read more... )A 17-year-old librarian to boot!
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Got a spam mail at my work address this morning, with just the subject "COL". The interior consisted of simply:Read more... )
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Got a spam comment over on LJ, and before I report and ban it, I'm testing to see if it's one of those bots that parse your reply content and then post a snippet scraped from somewhere else that corresponds roughly to what you say. (I got into an argument with one of those bots once before realizing what it was and deleting the entire exchange in shame, which I now regret because I want to go back and reread it! And it may thereby have passed the Turing test.)

It's reasonably clever--it's got a recipe it scraped from somewhere on its LJ page, and sounds human, except that the second half of comment would have been more suited to a regular reader of my LJ and not a random drop-by, which is what they were pretending to be. Well, and the first half was fairly stupid, because I don't think many of us have been overly frustrated by choosing an exciting salad dressing. Okay, so it doesn't sound that human after all.

(The sales pitch is in the LJ profile, for a bankruptcy attorney.)
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A spam comment I got on the Artist Alley Survival Guide:
Fuck you all Forex bustards
This is a bustard (a kori bustard, to be precise). As far as I can tell Forex is some sort of international financial trading thing, and Googling for forexpeacearmy (dot) com, the URL they left with the comment, leads to all sorts of confusing things with accusations of scams being thrown from all sides, in an impressive display of posturing usually relegated to the males of a species.

So here's a male great bustard posturing. cut for pic )

(Wow that was all random.)


Sep. 26th, 2012 03:45 pm
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...the IRS is outsourcing a little much, hmm? I got a message* purporting to be from the IRS, with a return address going to and the Errors-To header pointing to an address at

* That Gmail put in my spam folder right away, admittedly


Aug. 2nd, 2012 02:00 pm
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I just got email from Terry Gilliam!

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Well, hellooooo amusing spam comment!
Therefore not likely for a passing fancy matter when a person's write-up, yet I uncovered this particular nowadays along with I recently cant fight sharing. Mrs. Agathe's dishwasher give up functioning thus your woman named a new repairman. Because the lady received to go to work the very next day, the girl advised them, “I'll get away from the important thing within the cushion. Deal with your dishwasher, get away from a costs on the reverse, plus We'll email you the actual look at. Oh yea, and also by the waydon't bother about my own Doberman. They is not going to bother a person. Nevertheless, what you perform, do not less than VIRTUALLY ANY conditions discuss with this bird! ” When the repairman attained Mrs. Agathe's apartment in the morning, your dog found the biggest along with meanest hunting Doberman he had at any time witnessed. But just as the woman obtained claimed, your dog easily set generally there to the floor covering, watching the actual repairman start his / her business. On the other hand, the whole occasion this bird went them loco in reference to his incessant cursing, yelling plus name-calling. Last but not least your repairman weren't able to have herself any longer as well as yelled, “Shut way up, you actually ridiculous unattractive chicken! ” To be able to that your bird sent a reply, “Get them, Increase! ”
You, yourself, are a ridiculously unattractive chicken.
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Got a Russian spam just now over on LJ. Curious, I took the time to run it through Babelfish, which resulted in:
Subject: What such is New Year? How do you do! We invite you as entire family to participate in the holiday competition of " What such is New Year? " :) You will compose story, make photo, devise video with you or with your relatives on the theme of " What is new [God]" and win useful prizes from the company for the production of feed water filters of " [Barer]". Page of competition -[URL deleted]

Gosh, I want to win a useful prize from a company that makes water filters. Or something.

Original Cyrillic text )
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And it seems that the FBI isn't proofreading their emails too carefully before sending them out these days...

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