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telophase ([personal profile] telophase) wrote2014-08-06 09:07 am

How bathetic...

Text of a Nigerian-type scam letter I received at my library email address today.

Good Afternoon my name is Jane Imafidon i am Librarian i am 17 years old i am the only of my family my parents and my only older brother a of new Deadly Ebola disease that came to Liberia and some west Africa countries through Guinea i was able to ran to The Gambia where i live on street i was rap by 2 young men i am frustrated i have no home no food no one to help me please i need your help in any way you can help me please help me, as you help me Go will help you in Jesus Name.

I will patiently await your response

Jane clifford
A 17-year-old librarian to boot!

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no home, no food, no one to help - but access to the Interwebs.

(which is possible, but - really?)

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Presumably from the library at which she works!