Jan. 18th, 2012

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Due to a miscalculation on my end when I was ordering books -- I got a lot of Amazon gift cards this year and indulged in an orgy of book-ordering at the end of last week -- I managed to get two copies of The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go instead of the one I'd intended.

Sold! While I could send it back to Amazon, I could also send it on to one of you - it cost $13.15 and I'd be happy to sell it on to someone else who'd like it (I'll cover postage - I'd have to cover postage to send it back to Amazon anyway).

I looked through it last night, and it seems quite useful. It's about 2/3 Japanese-inspired recipes and 1/3 Western-style. The author lives in Switzerland, and so does not use a lot of ingredients that can't be got at anything but large Asian stores. The recipes are mostly 1 serving in size, as suitable for a single bento. It was developed out of the Just Bento blog so you can poke around there and see if her style sounds appealing.

It is not a cutesy or kid-oriented bento book. You can make the recipes for kids, but if you want to put little faces on the food, you'll have to find another guide. :)
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Well, hellooooo amusing spam comment!
Therefore not likely for a passing fancy matter when a person's write-up, yet I uncovered this particular nowadays along with I recently cant fight sharing. Mrs. Agathe's dishwasher give up functioning thus your woman named a new repairman. Because the lady received to go to work the very next day, the girl advised them, “I'll get away from the important thing within the cushion. Deal with your dishwasher, get away from a costs on the reverse, plus We'll email you the actual look at. Oh yea, and also by the waydon't bother about my own Doberman. They is not going to bother a person. Nevertheless, what you perform, do not less than VIRTUALLY ANY conditions discuss with this bird! ” When the repairman attained Mrs. Agathe's apartment in the morning, your dog found the biggest along with meanest hunting Doberman he had at any time witnessed. But just as the woman obtained claimed, your dog easily set generally there to the floor covering, watching the actual repairman start his / her business. On the other hand, the whole occasion this bird went them loco in reference to his incessant cursing, yelling plus name-calling. Last but not least your repairman weren't able to have herself any longer as well as yelled, “Shut way up, you actually ridiculous unattractive chicken! ” To be able to that your bird sent a reply, “Get them, Increase! ”
You, yourself, are a ridiculously unattractive chicken.
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Am craving Fritos, and the library bistro has none!

It's explicable: I've packed makings for a simple taco salad for lunch--refried beans, cheese, lettuce, tostada shells--and while the first three ingredients are tucked away in the fridge, the tostada shells that I crisped up in the toaster oven this morning before leaving are in a Ziploc bag in the lunch bag next to me, taunting me with the scent of their toasty corn goodness.

I have to wait for an hour to eat lunch, sigh.

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