Apr. 10th, 2013

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Got a spam mail at my work address this morning, with just the subject "COL". The interior consisted of simply:Read more... )
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Got 2 Graze boxes at the moment, one that arrived while we were on vacation (late!), and one that just got here today.

We also got a cardboard Easter bunny in a separate mailing, because Graze is seemingly testing mail delivery times. I went to their site, entered in a code and told them what day it arrived, and...woo-hoo, they gave me one more invite code in thanks!

So, another drawing! You need to be in the US, and if you'd like to try Graze.com out, just drop a comment and on Thursday night I'll use a random number generator to pick someone to send the invite code to. If you threw your name in the hat last time and did not win, I'm automatically entering you into this round, no comment necessary--let me know if you've found a code from someone else in the meantime.

What the heck is Graze? My previous post about Graze.com.

Also, the two boxes we're working on now contain (descriptions available on the website):

Box 3: Hot cross yum, olive and rosemary bruschetta, summer berry compote, my thai.

Box 4: Cookies and cream, Mississippi BBQ pistachios, fruit and seed flapjacks, and fruity mango chutney with black pepper dippers.

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