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I just got email from Terry Gilliam!

I am Terry Gilliam, British citizen and Principal assurance manager for the HSBC in London. I have an urgent business proposal for your consideration and acceptance that I wish to discuss with you.. Should you be of interested in this business, please kindly contact me via my personal email to enable me furnish you with more information and modalities of this business. My Contact Email:

If we can be of one accord, we should plan a meeting, soon.

I await your response.

Terry Gilliam

Apparently he's given up showbiz in favor of banking. And worsened his grammar.
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Wow, you're going into business with Terry Gilliam! Will you get me his autograph?
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And here I thought he was comissioning you for some artwork - you tease!

...I think we had established that before. In the case of the not-shown Toby pic.