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Well, hellooooo amusing spam comment!
Therefore not likely for a passing fancy matter when a person's write-up, yet I uncovered this particular nowadays along with I recently cant fight sharing. Mrs. Agathe's dishwasher give up functioning thus your woman named a new repairman. Because the lady received to go to work the very next day, the girl advised them, “I'll get away from the important thing within the cushion. Deal with your dishwasher, get away from a costs on the reverse, plus We'll email you the actual look at. Oh yea, and also by the waydon't bother about my own Doberman. They is not going to bother a person. Nevertheless, what you perform, do not less than VIRTUALLY ANY conditions discuss with this bird! ” When the repairman attained Mrs. Agathe's apartment in the morning, your dog found the biggest along with meanest hunting Doberman he had at any time witnessed. But just as the woman obtained claimed, your dog easily set generally there to the floor covering, watching the actual repairman start his / her business. On the other hand, the whole occasion this bird went them loco in reference to his incessant cursing, yelling plus name-calling. Last but not least your repairman weren't able to have herself any longer as well as yelled, “Shut way up, you actually ridiculous unattractive chicken! ” To be able to that your bird sent a reply, “Get them, Increase! ”
You, yourself, are a ridiculously unattractive chicken.

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Wow. I would kind of like to see the script that generates these spam comments. It seems like Mad Libs turned up to eleven.

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I fully believe that the first thing to pass the Turing test will be a spambot!

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That almost sounds like someone transcribed part of a novel into English from Hindi or one of the Arabic languages. Using a not-very-good translation program. It's got an actual narrative flow to it, and I've seen them use the excerpt-from-story trick in other spam.

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That makes me want to know what language has the insult "ridiculous unattractive chicken"!

(Don't try to tell me that's a mistranslation, because it is too perfect as is!)
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You know, I think you're right! It's a shaggy dog (pardon the pun) story about a mechanic/plumber going to repair a dishwasher in someone's home, and the owner of the home tells them not to worry about the dog that will be there, it's very mellow. But the owner also says don't say anything to the pet bird. So the bird (a parrot? a mynah?) is cursing up a blue streak, and the repairperson loses it and tells the bird to shut up. And then the bird tells the dog to go after the repairperson.

In fact, I think I must have heard this joke somewhere else.

Just as another bit of trivia: one of the common translations of the Hebrew-derived name Joseph is "increase" (apparently, actually "God will increase"). Did the bird say "Get 'im, Joseph!"?

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LOL, I'm right. Check out the story called "Brutus" on this page of parrot jokes.