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I got word that has been moved to a different server. Hopefully, nothing should be wrong. But check your sites and if anything's wonky, let me know. :)
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Checking the server stats for, I notice that the AWESOMETASTIC MANGA OF AWESOMENESS post about the ekiben otaku manga has surprisingly been my most popular post in this month to date. Someone must have linked to it (a quick Google search reveals three links that don't seem to load for me; dunno if there's others.)

And in other stats new, Kenpachi-chan has made another appearance, this time on a forum in ... Turkish? I think? And the poster was definitely trying to get the Renji pic, as it's labeled "ya renji abari." :D

Kenpachi-chan is also on a page where I think he's supposed to be, as it's a forum post about Kenpachi. :D It's in Spanish, though, so I can't say for sure.
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Looking at my stats, I think the Death Trance recap posts got linked somewhere, as all of a sudden those pages have jumped in numbers. :) And the marital scale meme is now making its way around Myspace, and I'm still getting a ton of hits for it from Hm.

I really want to know who's linking Death Trance, though. XD
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For the first time I got more hits from my own posts (the cosplay one in [ profile] saiyuki, and yesterday's A-Kon pics) than any one blog posting the meme. :D The majority of traffic is still the meme, but I suspect the big hype is over unless it gets picked up by a well-known blog I'm holding out for Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

I find it interesting that one blog described the scale as having "turned itself into a quiz," as if it did this all by itself. More sign that we perceive these things as viral in nature? :D
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The marital test scale quiz is still mostly on LJ, but yesterday it hit a couple of big non-LJ venues: Shakespeare's Sister, and Buggydoo. Well, technically it's been on Buggydoo for several days, but yesterday I got over 3000 hits from it. :) The forums at and the blog at School Library Journal are also sending a lot of hits my way. Interestingly, I'm getting a lot of hits from somewhere on OK Cupid, but as I don't have an account there* I'm not sure where.

I am quite enjoying my 15 minutes of internet fame. XD

* Actually, I think I do, for quiz-taking purposes, but I've forgotten the info.
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The new list of search queries that found my site yesterday:Read more... )
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In the comments of a post found through my stats:
Half my lab was taking this test on Friday afternoon after I saw it! The internet is very, very bad for productivity.... - for all your procrastination needs!

ETA: And it's broken at least one language barrier, too! (ETA2: and the interesting part is that between various English cognates and my experience with reading what everyone else is saying, I can actually understand the gist of what they're saying! XD)


Jun. 9th, 2008 01:14 pm
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Do you think you might be able to tell which two months I published my blog memes in?

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I think I just slashdotted myself with the marital scale quiz. XD To some extent: it appears to be going up and down like a cheap metaphor right now, along with other things in my directory. (Hostees: as far as I can tell, your sites are unaffected.)

Ooooh, hey!

Apr. 4th, 2008 07:39 pm
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Guess who showed up and is trying to claim he knew about Kenpachi-chan from the start? You know, the one I made after I discovered people hotlinking on Gaia?

He calls me a loser! I shake in fear! I have been pwned!

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