Aug. 31st, 2014 08:32 pm
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Latest Wordpress update broke the way the theme I made displays category posts (i.e., the list of categories gets a 404) so guess what I get to spend Labor Day doing? Yes, that's right, recoding a *&^*^& theme! Because now the ConDFW website doesn't display a nice list of guests when you ask it to, instead it displays a 404 page.

It's definitely fault of the child theme I coded--I've checked all the plugins and its not them, and it works when I deactivate the child theme and stops working when I re-activate it. Man, I don't even know where the hell to start looking to find the problem. :P
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I'm using the Magazine Basic theme for this year's iteration of the ConDFW website, and there's one thing I'd like to do: have the sticky post and the first post beneath that on the home page supply the full content of that post, and the rest of them supply just excerpts. I figure I ought to be able to do this with an if...then statement, but (a) I don't know what I'm counting and (b) I don't know which file to put it in. (I think the answer to the latter is content.php, but given that you can change all the posts to excerpts or full-content from the admin area, I don't see where that plugs into content.php...)

Any ideas?

edit: I've answered (a), I think, by putting my own counter right before The Loop, and incrementing it right before The Loop loops, but (b) still eludes me, as editing content.php did absolutely nothing. Bah.


Jul. 8th, 2014 12:56 pm
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I have just discovered that this Wordpress install's Media Library won't display any image file whose name begins with "twitter." But if I rename the file, it will happily upload and display it. Weird.
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Wordpress plugins that include nifty libraries, classes, and hooks that you can use to act on items ... who then give as examples of their usage, special cases and not typical cases.

Context: FeedWordPress, which is doing what I want it to do, scrape items from the Facebook ConDFW fan page feed and post them to Wordpress as individual posts. However, as you don't have the option to put in a title on regular Facebook status updates, it posts the full item in the title field and in the post body field. :/

Enter said libraries, classes, and hooks. FeedWordPress has some nifty hooks you can use to act on various bits of the feed, and I simplified hacked a sample plugin they had to replace the title with "Update from Facebook," and that works beautifully. I'd like to add the date and time the item was posted to Facebook, but the examples for the published, updated, and created hooks are using Google Calendars, which as far as I can tell are different than your typical RSS feeds when it comes to the dates, which means the example is no good when it comes to explaining how to use it on other RSS feeds. Aaargh!

ETA: Or maybe not? Making a calendar I don't use public and getting the RSS feed for it shows a feed that looks about the same ... but I can't make the logic woooork! *whine*


Feb. 23rd, 2011 01:49 pm
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Problem: Con director updates Facebook with things like room party notices and upcoming deadlines but not the actual website.

Solution: editorial comment removed Figure out some way to grab items posted to Facebook and post them as new posts in Wordpress.

Complication: Several plugins exist that grab Facebook content and display it in a sidebar, but nothing I can find that scrapes it to make new WP posts, and I'd rather keep all updates together as updates.

Action: Whine about it on LJ and DW instead of doing anything useful. (I suppose I could take one of the plugins and rip it apart to see how they do what they do, to start with... Hrm.)

(Also: cannot find a magazine-style layout that suits our needs. Woe is me; would rather not try to figure out how to code nifty advanced features and instead merely tweak layouts.)
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Just spent a good deal of time banging my head against Wordpress and most especially the MU-Helpers plugin.

cut for dull for those of you who don't care )


Aug. 23rd, 2010 05:07 pm
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Yo, [ profile] sleary!

You might enjoy seeing this...

Peek under here! )


Jun. 30th, 2010 06:56 pm
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FINAL UPDATE: GOT IT. A rogue plugin. I have no idea why it was affecting just *that* cateogry, and no idea why I can't find the proper category numbers in WP 3.0, but at least the updates are sorting correctly. GAH.

OKAY IT WASN'T SUCH A FINAL UPDATE FIxed that page. Screwed up the Panelists and Guests of Honor category pages. GAH.


The Arras theme in Wordpress simply insists on ordering category page results in chronological order, which MAKES NO SENSE.



Update: STILL NO CLUE. This SHOULD work:

<?php if (is_category('9')) { $posts = query_posts($query_string. '&orderby=date&order=DESC' ); } ?>

Assuming that I'm getting the category number correct, that is. WP seems to have changed that in 3.0, so that cat_ID doesn't show up, instead tag_ID does, which doesn't seem to be effective in the above code. I had to go to a test install of WP that I used several months ago to mess about with the site to see what the category number USED to be. And the reason I think it's using what the category number used to be's using that for the Guests of Honor and Panelists category pages. If I change those in a similar bit of code to the above to the tag_ID, then it FAILS.

Update again: STILL WEIRDER.

OK, so THIS still shows the update posts (category 9) in chronological order instead of reverse chronological order (and no, changing DESC to ASC does not re-order them, either):

<?php $posts = query_posts($query_string. '&cat=9&orderby=date&order=DESC' ); ?>

However, THIS:

<?php $posts = query_posts($query_string. '&orderby=date&order=DESC' ); ?>

gets ALL posts ... and orders them in reverse chronological order! Exactly as it should work! WHAT GIVES?!
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...if you are going to construct a menu using Wordpress 3.0's new custom menus feature and you are using the Bird Feeder plugin to automagically tweet new and updated posts and pages... should deactivate Bird Feeder first. sent seventeen tweets before I noticed it...


Jun. 17th, 2010 02:31 pm
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Looks like I shall be writing my first Wordpress plugin shortly, because it would be REALLY REALLY HANDY to have the ConDFW posts and pages change to the current date every time they're updated, as history has shown that we can't actually expect any of our users, including me, to remember to change the date on posts and pages when they're updated, so the tag at the bottom of each page merrily explains that they were last updated in 2008. The only plugin I can find wading through the morass of Wordpress-update-related plugin only updates page, was released in 2005, and doesn't work, in any case.

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