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I am now Facebook friends with four cats*, two pugs, and a peacock. This is the sort of thing for which the internet was created.

* Two of which have gone to that giant cattery in the sky in recent years, but that's life for ya.
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This feels vaguely morbid, but I discovered that Facebook now has Legacy settings, which allow you to either designate someone to manage your FB page after you die, or to delete the entire account after your death. (I'm sure it's "delete" by FB standards.) I went for the delete option, so random posts of mine won't keep popping creepily into people's timelines, as Facebook is wont to do. At least, so I've heard. So someone will have to convince FB I'm truly dead if I die*, but I figure at least one of the people on my FB timeline will do so. Opens up the possibility that a prankster/troll will convince them I'm dead even if I'm not, but better the account get deleted than someone get control of it that way.

*Not that I plan to do so for quite a while!
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I posted abut my lunch on the Facebooks yesterday and today, and I know that it just kills y'all not to know the minutia of my daily meals, so I'm reposting here.

Although the interesting bit is the DIY Instant Noodle recipe (via Serious Eats) that I'm experimenting with.

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Provided Imgur is up and serving images, you should see a small screencap I took of an amusing glitch in Chefville. If a customer asks for VIP service and you have a rose in your inventory, you click on their word balloon and they get VIP service--a few things could happen, including a guy playing the violin for them for a few seconds--and you get a Recommendation, which you use to purchase other things in the game.

Sometimes you get this playing the violin:

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Have just configured my Social Fixer extension on Chrome (i.e., my Facebook browser) to filter out posts with a list of political keywords and put them in a separate tab.

Mostly brought on by 2334324948502345749 posts urging me to go vote, which are not necessary as I already voted. Well, not that many, but after I hit "More" a few times, my regular news feed tab has 66 posts in it while the Political tab has 40. (And ChefVille has 27, another reason I use Social Fixer--to filter out game posts.)

(And it occurs to me that what may be really needed is not a push on election day to tell people to vote, but a push a few weeks previously to get people to register to vote.)


Nov. 2nd, 2012 10:24 am
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Still playing Chefville on Facebook. And mildly annoyed that they're not doing a special thingy for American Thanksgiving, not because I think players around the world should be subjected to American-specific holiday-themed games (I have Bingo Blitz for that), but because I've got a larder full of frozen turkeys and a turkey freezer with more and ZERO recipes that use turkey. Maybe Christmas will get rid of these turkeys.
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1) AAAARRRGH my head is trying to hurt. I slept badly for the past 2 nights, and I don't know if it's a cause or a symptom, but my head (edit: Apparently I posted without finishing what I was trying to say. Don't remember now. Ah well.)

2) Working remotely today with my boss' blessing as the rat trap in my office ceiling was productive over the weekend. They removed the rat, but it has left a reminder of its presence behind. It was fine through most of yesterday, but near the end of the day a wave of stench rolled through (I guess the A/V system either turned off or turned on), so I'm giving it today to air out. I expect the smell will still be present tomorrow, but I've got a meeting so I have to be on campus. I've got a small fan, and will prop the door open and direct air outwards with the fan.

3) Toby becoming a Jewish mother: in Guild Wars II, like many video games, you can do crafting, which is finding objects, heading to a special places in the game, and putting them together to create other objects. In GWII, it's cooking: you go find ingredients, then head to cooking stations and make dishes by putting various ingredients together and seeing what you can make from that recipe. You can put dishes you make into your guild's storage (your guild being the people you're playing with online; our friends have got together to form one), and various guild members can grab food from storage and eat it. Most if not all of them confer some sort of benefit on you for doing that. Also, the storage can fill up so you can't put any more in until people eat it.

Hence Toby turning into a Jewish mother and urging everyone online at the time to go eat the food. "Eat! Eat! You're wasting away!"

4) Speaking of crafting and food, I've just gotten into ChefVille on Facebook and am going mad. Read more... )
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Do not understand Facebook. I've hovered over the icons of all the people I've friended solely for Bingo Blitz and (a) put them on a Gaming Friends list and (b) unsubscribed from everything BUT their gaming updates. And I've clicked on the More under Lists on the left and chosen Always Hide Gaming Friends, and yet my newsfeed still shows all of them, all of their updates.

Can someone tell me how to make the newsfeed NOT SHOW THEM unless I want to see them?

ETA: I've just figured out that I can click in the upper right corner of their updates and unsubscribe from that type of update ... WHY WILL THE ICON-HOVER THING NOT DO THE SAME?

ETA2: No, actually, after doing that, it STILL SHOWS THEM IN MY NEWSFEED.
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...if you're the person who sent me the Facebook friend request that I turned down, it's because I have no idea who you are. If it was you, please email me and let me know. Thanks!


Jun. 30th, 2011 04:38 pm
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Posting this because I may never, ever see it again.

That's Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook the only reason I keep my FB account active, and that's the highest score I've ever achieved. To put it into perspective, for those who don't know, I count it a good day when I get over 135,000 points. :)

I'd seen scores in the 400K and 500K range on my leaderboard and wondered how people did it, and for me at least the answer was: Phoenix Prism, 5 second boost, Mystery Gem boost, and Bonus Multiplier boost.

And I am still not #1 on the leaderboard! Whine!</firstworldproblem>

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