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After Geralt falls off a ladder: Ugh! Freakin lack of OSHA standards! It's like working for the Empire. I say the reason the Empire has no railings is that Sith Lords walk around with their sabers held out like this and cut off all the railings.

Ready to get it on! *attacks* Anyone else want a little?

There appear to be bad guys below. Hey! Awesome! You guys are the XP I've been waiting for! Or not.

On a tracking quest: Did I just make a big circle? This asshole told me to turn left. I think I made a big circle. Fucking maggot.

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Toby: Where am I?

Me: You're in the bad part of town.

Toby: I am the bad part of town.
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I'm kinda sorry we didn't get to experience the Witcher 3 glitch where a noble lady dressed in red follows Geralt everywhere, cheering him on, before they patched it.
The thing that makes this so funny is, the woman would perpetually clap her hands and yell “long live the champion,” making it seem like Geralt accrued an overzealous stalker. And no matter how much Geralt ran away, the lady would always dash after him, reminding him of how awesome he was.
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We played a bit of Witcher 3 last night before Game of Thrones, and Toby's only comment that you haven't heard before that wasn't a string of profanity aimed at the complicated controls was, after directing Geralt to kill a bear that was just minding its own business and foraging in the forest outside a village, "That bear was going to menace the village. I'm the only one allowed to menace the village!"
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Not as much fun stuff as Fallout 4, because he's still grokking the controls so there's more frustration than glee.

(Struggling with controls for riding the horse) Trying not to kill people, trying not to destroy infrastructure.

What the hell are you doing...oh, you're a tree.

I'm gonna go witcher over in this direction.

Gentlemen! (attacks) Oh! In twain!

Oy! I saved your life! Oh. I saved a barber.

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You can't spell Pirate without Irate!

Really Geralt? Really? You deserve to have hit your head.

(Geralt ignites a torch with magic) Ladies love it!

(upon improving armor pants with glyphs that increase his fire magic) Pants on FUCKING FIRE is what Geralt's doing!

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May. 28th, 2016 10:37 pm
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Toby is still getting used to the complicated controls in Witcher 3, so that it's at times hard to get Geralt to draw his sword.

Which is why Toby just attempted to punch a bear to death.

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Witcher 3

May. 28th, 2016 02:38 pm
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A link to the promised Witcher 3 video on Tumblr (13 seconds, no need for sound).

That occurred as Toby was running Geralt around and around the herbalist's cottage examining stuff, trying to get used the the way the controls are set up on the game. And of course you run the character into various obstacles to see how he reacts. :)

Also note: he has semi-long, semi-loose hair RIGHT NEXT TO CHAIN MAIL. That's got to be getting caught ALL THE TIME.


May. 27th, 2016 10:31 pm
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We just started playing Witcher 3, and spent an inordinate amount of time seeing if we could make Geralt ride his horse up a flight of stairs.

Answer: yes, but we couldn't get it to make a 90-degree turn or go back down again so we abandoned the horse to respawn later.

Also Toby is still getting used to the controls for this game, so Geralt is reminiscent of Murderface in the way he bangs into walls, and he just ran a lady off the road with his horse.

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