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I mentioned in a post I made last night that the manhwa Jack Frost had too many elements - character design, character relationships, panel angles, weapons - ripped off from similar to those from Hellsing, and promised scans to prove it. Here they are.

Now, it's not plagiarism - I haven't found any panels where the Jack Frost artist deliberately traced, but you know he's got Hellsing open on his desk while drawing Jack Frost and frequently refers back to it I, of course, have never done that Death Note or Saiyuki. And while I don't actually mind using close character designs, etc. as long as the story is sufficiently different (it is, so far), unfortunately Jack Frost is nowhere near as good as Hellsing, which means that as you're reading it, you are irresistibly reminded of Hellsing and how much better it is.

So let that be a lesson to you: if you're going to copy character designs MAKE SURE YOUR STORY IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL.

I see that you like Hellsing, my good man... )

In conclusion: read Hellsing. It's much better.
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You see, Mr. JinHo Ko, the problem with basing your character designs, panel angles, weapons, and occasionally even art style on Hellsing is that you need to be better than Hellsing in order to stop the reader continually comparing your manhwa with Hellsing and coming up lacking.

Your manhwa, sir, is no Hellsing.

(If I remember to, scans will be coming later TO PROVE IT.)

(Although I have to admit it's kind of amusing the way one character gets decapitated in every chapter. But it's not amusing enough to make up for the lack of being Hellsing and the confusing storyline.)
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[ profile] mbeasi is looking for recommendations for manhwa over at her blog. (I've posted about Antique Gift Shop, Dokebi Bride, and Bride of the Water God.)
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Three things about yokai make a post, right?

First, I posted some time back about Pandemonium and Parade: Japanese Monsters and the Culture of Yokai, by Michael Dylan Foster, which is a scholarly look at the phenomenon of yokai, or spirits/monsters from Japan.Read more... )

Second, a couple of weeks ago I was in the bookstore stocking up on later volumes of Naruto for [ profile] reread_no_jutsu, when I came across a manga I'd never heard of called Yokaiden 1, by Nina Matsumoto. Read more... )

Thirdly, I have the blog Hot Fictional GUys on my Bloglines blogroll, and I've been saving this show for a rainy day. Back in January, HFG posted a tribute to the guys of Natsume Yuujinchou, a show about yokai currently airing in Japan. Read more... )

Fourth in my list of three things is a manga I bought a while back and never got around to posting about. Ghost Slayers Ayashi Volume 1 Read more... )

Fifth in my increasingly-inaccurately-named list of three things is Antique Gift Shop, volume 7. (no spoilers) )

And now I'm going to go watch episode 2 of Natsume Yuujinchou

* Which has SOLD OUT to THE MAN in order not to get totally sued, which I can't blame them for, and thus brings us cool LEGAL anime now. I shall have to figure out where I left off in watching Bleach and start making googly eyes at my f-list, since I can't get it through Crunchyroll anymore. :)
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I did most of my Christmas shopping at Amazon, natch, and threw in a couple of things for myself, since I hate receiving a nice shiny box from Amazon that's full of stuff that's not for me. :) So I have, and just read...

The Antique Gift Shop vol. 6 - We learn a bit more about Bun-Nyuh's mother and why Bun-Nyuh, her mother, and her grandmother are all tangled up in some sort of supernatural web. The majority of the volume is then dedicated to a longer story which starts with Bun-Nyuh wearing a disguise for her first visit to a gynaecologist, which she's horribly embarrassed about especially since it seems that women possessed by spirits don't menstruate, and she never has. If you know about her aversion to her shamanic heritage, you can see why this is a serious trigger for her. :) She wears an old pair of glasses supplied by Mr Yang, which seem to be showing her a world that's not quite the same one as everyone else is seeing, and may perhaps help her find a key to the mysteries of her family. The volume rounds off with a short story about Guatemalan worry dolls, whose job is to take their owners' worries elsewhere. The only sour note there is that the Guatemalans who show up in a couple of scenes explaining the worry dolls are drawn as buckskin-wearing, tepee-living Plains Indians.

Aria volume 4 - Much the same as Aria 1-3, which means lots of landscape porn, Akari learning more about and falling more in love with her new homeworld, and the three journeyman undines having to live up to a challenge from their elders - can they plan and execute the perfect dinner on a barge for Redentore?
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--Maintenance guy came around, had no real explanation for the reason my smoke alarm went off instead of just chirping, but changed the battery in the ceiling one for me Just In Case.

--Am very strung out from interrupted sleep.

--UPS guy came to deliver package, failed to knock at all and left it in front of the door.

--On the bright side, I now have The Antique Gift Shop volume 5 in my hot little hands! The mystery of whether a Korean person would twig that Something Was Not Right by the way that Mr. Yang's outer robe closes backwards from normal has not been solved, and, indeed, the mystery deepens, as you will note if you read this manhwa.
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I seem to recall that there's a Japanese taboo against wrapping the kimono with the right side over the left, as that's the way it's done on the dead. Is there an equivalent superstition/taboo in Korea?

Because I'd like to know, if a Korean person saw this man, would they twig that something was up by the way he wears the right side over the left, or would it not matter?

cut for pic )

And now to figure out what to go out and get for dinner. :P
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Thanks to the magic of, I have now obtained volumes 1-5 of the manhwa Shaman Warrior and read them. So far, my general opinion is: nifty art, too much fighting, not enough plot. Erm. Not much else to say, honestly. I don't seem to be in the mood for in-depth analysis. :)

I'm also about 3/4 of the way through a Georgian mystery by Deryn Lake titled Death in the West Wind. It's part of a series about an apothecary who works for Sir John Fielding investigating mysteries, but this is the first one I've read (and I'm not sure if it's available in the States or not, as the edition I've got is an English one I picked up at a used bookstore). So far I'm enjoying it, and the anachronistic bits (i.e. murder-mystery procedurals) aren't throwing me out of it like they've done with other books (Laura Joh Rowland's books are a case in point - I could no longer take the modern crime-solving deductive techniques). And it has properly cracktastic elements - a crossdressing vigilante, a secret society, someone who seems to have slept with every man in town except for her fiance, Russian sailors, and headless coachmen driving ghostly coaches - but the one thing that's driving me nuts is the main characters not connecting the mention of angels by a dying man with the Society of Angels. Remind me never to leave clues that obvious and have the main characters overlook them. Aargh!

I also just read Diana Wynne Jones' second sort-of sequel to Howl's Moving Castle (the first one being Castle in the Air), House of Many Ways. My reaction to it is more-or-less the same as to CitA: a good read, I liked it, but I wanted more Howl. :)


Mar. 5th, 2008 05:38 pm
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Yen Press has picked up The Antique Gift Shop and it looks like volume 5 will be out in August of this year!

ETA: And One Thousand and One Nights, the source of incredibly ahistoric crack!
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I have spent some time constructing a well-thought-out, logical argument for [ profile] rachelmanija as to why she should pick up the One Thousand and One Nights manhwa.

There are three points I'd like to address. )

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