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Three things about yokai make a post, right?

First, I posted some time back about Pandemonium and Parade: Japanese Monsters and the Culture of Yokai, by Michael Dylan Foster, which is a scholarly look at the phenomenon of yokai, or spirits/monsters from Japan.Read more... )

Second, a couple of weeks ago I was in the bookstore stocking up on later volumes of Naruto for [ profile] reread_no_jutsu, when I came across a manga I'd never heard of called Yokaiden 1, by Nina Matsumoto. Read more... )

Thirdly, I have the blog Hot Fictional GUys on my Bloglines blogroll, and I've been saving this show for a rainy day. Back in January, HFG posted a tribute to the guys of Natsume Yuujinchou, a show about yokai currently airing in Japan. Read more... )

Fourth in my list of three things is a manga I bought a while back and never got around to posting about. Ghost Slayers Ayashi Volume 1 Read more... )

Fifth in my increasingly-inaccurately-named list of three things is Antique Gift Shop, volume 7. (no spoilers) )

And now I'm going to go watch episode 2 of Natsume Yuujinchou

* Which has SOLD OUT to THE MAN in order not to get totally sued, which I can't blame them for, and thus brings us cool LEGAL anime now. I shall have to figure out where I left off in watching Bleach and start making googly eyes at my f-list, since I can't get it through Crunchyroll anymore. :)
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From a post to the very low-traffic [ profile] yokaimonsters, an LJ comm about traditional Japanese monsters. These two links are the 2007 Kawasaki Halloween parade. There's lots of nifty costumes in them, but the best part is about halfway down the second page, where you get a bunch of costumers dressed as traditional Japanese monsters: oni, tengu, kappa, etc.

I think my favorite is the picture, near the end, with a tengu (crow demon), a rokurokubi (woman with extendable neck), and a child nopperabou (faceless person).

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