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--Maintenance guy came around, had no real explanation for the reason my smoke alarm went off instead of just chirping, but changed the battery in the ceiling one for me Just In Case.

--Am very strung out from interrupted sleep.

--UPS guy came to deliver package, failed to knock at all and left it in front of the door.

--On the bright side, I now have The Antique Gift Shop volume 5 in my hot little hands! The mystery of whether a Korean person would twig that Something Was Not Right by the way that Mr. Yang's outer robe closes backwards from normal has not been solved, and, indeed, the mystery deepens, as you will note if you read this manhwa.
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I seem to recall that there's a Japanese taboo against wrapping the kimono with the right side over the left, as that's the way it's done on the dead. Is there an equivalent superstition/taboo in Korea?

Because I'd like to know, if a Korean person saw this man, would they twig that something was up by the way he wears the right side over the left, or would it not matter?

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And now to figure out what to go out and get for dinner. :P

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