Apr. 12th, 2019 01:56 pm
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We've got 2 outlets on the outside of the house--one front, one back--that quit working some time back. We had the electrician over today for other reasons and finally remembered to mention the outlets.

Turns out that they're tripped by a GFCI outlet SOMEWHERE in the house. We have no idea where. The electrician searched with [personal profile] myrialux for a while--they thoroughly searched the garage because that would be something tied to the front and back outside of the house--but left without finding it.

Anyone have a similar problem? If so, where did you find the hidden outlet? (It's not the laundry room.)
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...can any of you tell me what this thing is?

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Every so often when I have a few minutes of downtime, I search stock photo sites for photos I can throw in collections for potential future use. And as with all costumed pictures, I have to ask "Is it cosplay?" because if it's decently accurate cosplay...I can't use it.

I mean... "portrait of armored medieval warrior with sword" my ass.*

OTOH, these guys are evoking the Night Watch costume and character designs from Game of Thrones without straying too far into cosplay territory, so they're usable.

So... Are these two cosplaying anything recognizable?

* If you don't recognize him, that's a decent but not great makeup/wig-wise cosplay of Geralt from the Witcher video games. (that's specifically the video game design; I don't know how/if they differ from the books' descriptions of him.)
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I am taking an online art class. Over the course of this class, we're taking one image from concept to final stages, and doing a fake movie poster. Last week we did 24 thumbnails and then narrowed them down to 6 and did a quick value study. This week, in addition to some anatomy lessons, we're picking one of the value studies and doing a full lineart.

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This Tumblr post puts electronica over a clip of a Bollywood movie, but it doesn't ID the movie.


edit: nvm, I found it: it took scrolling through the comments on 9gag (ugh) to find it: Padmavati, khali bali

Although I do tend to agree with the commenter who says no, this is actually when Durmstrang enters Hogwarts.

edit edit: Although I'm not sure if it's a movie or just a video. But hey: here's the original video.

edit edit edit: Movie!
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So, weirdly, one of the hotel points membership thingys I belong to gives me a free Kindle book/story twice a year. Which one do I pick from this list?

(edit: it's the IHG Rewards Club, if you're wondering)

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Does anyone know what search terms I can use to find the sort of outdoor rug/mat that I can just hose off when it's dirty, and can be left outside in sun, rain, and whatnot? "Outdoor rug" keeps getting me indoor/outdoor nicely woven rugs that I'd hesitate to hose down, when what I want is, I think, some sort of large plastic-ish mat that looks vaguely like a rug. The main purpose being mostly to protect the feet from deck splinters.

Context: after six years in this house we've finally splurged on patio furniture and therefore might actually start going outside occasionally. Naturally we've done so at the time of year when patio furniture is the most expensive.
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So we did some long-overdue yardwork in the back yard this morning, mostly hacking and slashing the overgrown hedge next to the house, and discovered a few mysteries, two of which I assume are related to each other.

Mystery #1:
There are volunteer strawberries growing in our yard. We didn't plant them, they're just growing wild, and in random spots.

Mystery #2:
There is, shall we say, rather pungent evidence that a dog has been in our back yard. Which we keep shut up tight.

Mystery #3:
Now that the big willow tree in our back yard died thanks to 2 years of drought, the evergreen off to the side has shot up and has produced fruit or seed pods or SOMETHING that we've never seen before.

Photos and my interpretation of two of the mysteries below the cut.

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I want to read more poetry. Recommendations for anthologies available on Kindle/other ebook? (sticking with ebooks because we are running out of shelf space in the house.)
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Today's question of the day, broguht to you by my idly musing on Skyrim and the true lycanthropic nature of the inner circle of the Companions, is: so how do you do battlefield medicine on someone who has a tendency to fursplode under stress?

okay in Skyrim they can only fursplode once a day unless they have a certain magical McGuffin, so you just wait until they turn human-shaped again and hope they don't die in the meantime, but the question still stands for subsequent days

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