Nov. 25th, 2009 05:56 pm
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And like all the cool kids, I signed up for a beta invite to the Archive Of Our Own, and here is my site there. I've only uploaded the Bleach fic I wrote two years ago, as the other two fanfics I've got* are both Yuletide and they're moving Yuletide over to the A03 at some point soon, so I figure I'll hold off and see if they get imported or not. No point in me putting in extra work, I say. :)

* Prolific, I am not.


Mar. 11th, 2008 06:26 pm
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With 14 pages of comments in three days, it's been linked to hell and back already, but for the three of you who haven't seen it yet: Torchwood crack!fic. (Spoilers through 2x07 Dead Man Walking)

To quote a recent commenter: IS IT CAN BE TURCHWAD TIEM NAO?
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[ profile] rachelmanija points out that it's the [ profile] yuletide challenge time again, wonders what to nominate for fandoms, and points out that Project Blue Rose nominations would totally not be offensive.

(Someone nominate Qwan! And Mushishi!)

(ETA: She also needs a spot of Japanese translation help.)
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Any Saiyuki writers need a Hakkai/Gojyo prompt? There are plaintive cries for this one over on fandom_lounge.*

Your story begins with an orphan in a library. The villain is a sympathetic demon who has an unnatural eye color. Plot elements include sweat dripping down someone's forehead and the twitch of an eye.

* Journalfen has been up and down today like an up and down thing, so if you want to read the thread and can't, try again in a few minutes.
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In the mood to read ficlets and drabbles, the very short-short stuff. Rec them and pimp them! Go!

SeriesI'm familiar enough with to get fic: Saiyuki, as if you didn't know, Naruto, Death Note, Princess Tutu, Bleach (English releases only), FMA, Samurai Champloo, most of Miyazaki, Fruits Basket (English releases only), xxxHolic (English releases), Clover, The Tale of Genji (well, maybe it'll inspire some of you XD), Project Blue Rose (ditto). Inquire about others, I'm sure there's some. :)
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Here's my preliminary cataloging of the fic tropes in [ profile] rachelmanija's cool bits post. The categories are ... yuck, right now, as is my categorization, but when you're going through a list of over 500 elements, it's amazing how often you're confronted with something that is extrememly hard to decide if it's plot, character, dramatic imagery, sensation, or what. And for some reason I ended up slinging all the language stuff into 'sensation' when it doens't belong there at all. Hm. Thoughts and suggestions quite welcome. About 250K, because I did a simple Save As in Excel, rather than build the table myself. :D

Next logical step: add more of everything, then steal [ profile] dragonscholar's generator code and make a Crack!Manga generator. *iz tempted*
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...for you creative-types (fic, art, icons, interpretive dance, whatever), because I am bored interested.

Long and long ago, I found a list of 100 topics on which to draw pictures over on DeviantArt, which had been translated from Japanese. I drew 5 or 6 pictures according to the list and then forgot about it. They were good prompts, but the problem is that they pretty much all were of the emo evocative type and while that's fine sometimes, sometimes you just don't want to deal with that sort of thing. So I've made my own list. And it's much shorter, only 10. If there's an actual response to this, I may add more later.

If you choose to try the challenge, your job is to produce, at some point because there is no deadline unless you really really want one, ten (or as many as you feel like doing) works of whatever ilk - fanfic, original fic, art, icons, interpretive dance, poetry, Spam sculpture, whatever - each of which has some sort of relevance to one of the topics. Creativity in interpretation is encouraged. Feel free to mix and match: you don't need to stick to one fandom, medium, or whatever unless you want to.

And of course I can't actually take this seriously, so I made my list out of the Engrish and the comments from the Saiyuki Reload Gunlock Engrish reports.

Telophase's VERY IMPORTANT SERIOUS list o'topics )

ETA: And if you didn't read it then, you really really need to read [ profile] rushthatspeaks' report of the HK DVD set of Saiyuki. If you read it then, you really really need to read it again. Trust me.


Dec. 30th, 2005 10:51 pm
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Telophase as a Mary Sue, from the Instant Middle Earth Mary-Sue Generator.

And he gave up his rubber catsuit for me? Twoo Wuv!! )

And now I think I shall go to bed with an ice pack to nurse the pain in my head.

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If I were truly evil, I'd challenge teh fic writers here to come up with aglossary story in their favorite fandom, but officially doing that would mean I have to provide some sort of art incentive to be fair, and I've got enough stacked up at this instance in time.

So I am merely pointing that out and letting you mull it over. :D

([ profile] cicer, I did see "One-eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings" and fully intended to comment to it and gift it with art, but TEH SEKRIT PROJECT had started eating my art time at that point - it's on the schedule after this final push. XD weeeeeeeee, I am a bad and unacknowledging muse!)

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