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The current round of [ profile] springkink has been going up since Friday. (I have nothing in it this round, due to that whole "lack of time" thing.) But one of today's offerings is a short Saiyuki reincarnation fic. That's a LotR crossover. XD
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The claiming doesn't open until December 28, but the [ profile] springkink prompts are up!

Feb 1-11:
Feb 12-20:
Feb 21-29:

I want to see more of YOU there. They can be fic or art - maximum of 2 fic claims and 2 art claims per prompt - and if the prompt doesn't specify, you don't HAVE to do teh_pr0n.

Mmmm, let's see what fandoms I'm seeing that have come across my f-list lately? Bleach. Saiyuki. Princess Tutu. Gundam Wing. Onmyouji. Tsubasa. xxxHolic. Saiyuki. Weiss Kreuz. Heroes. Torchwood. Doctor Who. Death Note. Final Fantasy. Okami. Fullmetal Alchemist. Buffy. Kyoh Kara Maoh. Kingdom Hearts. Naruto. Fruits Basket. And LOTS MORE.
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The prompt-gathering post for [ profile] springkink's next round, to be posted in February, is up! It's open until Dec. 14. For samples of previous prompts, check the prompt master list tag. The name of the people who submitted the prompts aren't revealed until after the results are posted.

ETA: I also recommend posting minor fandoms like, say, Mononoke to the prompts post, just because you never know who might be looking through the list, looking for something to draw... it tends to the pr0n, being as it is named springkink, but there's lots of art and fic that isn't pr0n, also, and careful crafting of prompts can discourage teh_pr0n if you don't want it. :)
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(a) Because I'm an idiot.
(b) Because I installed Civ IV, like an idiot, which means I got sucked into it.
(c) Because I was posting my last springkink pic. (rated G, Grimmjow/Orihime in a pose with a noted lack of sexual tension.)
(d) All of the above.
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Aaaaand, the third pic is up over at [ profile] springkink!

Title: Just Yoruichi
Artist: [ profile] telophase
Rating: R
Warnings: Artistic nudity
Prompt: Bleach, Yoruichi/Soi Fon: names - It’s Yoruichi. Just Yoruichi.

Clicky this way for NEKKID LADEEZ!
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Just posted the second of four pics I did for [ profile] springkink's fall round.

Title: Blue Crocuses
Artist: [ profile] telophase
Rating: R
Warnings: Artistic nudity
Prompt: Bleach, Unohana/Isane: Sex outdoors/outside - "blue crocuses around her feet"

Clicky on this linky; artistic nekkidity ahoy!
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As it is officially October 6 where I am, I've posted the first picture I created using a [ profile] springkink prompt over in that comm.

Bleach (Renji/Rukia)
Title: Untitled
Artist: telophase
Rating: R
Warnings: Artistic nudity, implied sex
Prompt: Bleach, Renji/Rukia, hands - "She seems to disappear beneath his hands."

Right this way...
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Track listing of More Friends for whoever it was wondering what-all was on it:

Opening - Bombing Mission [FFVII] 4:26
Aerith's Theme [FFVII] 5:21
Zanarkand [FFX] 4:43
Don't Be Afraid [FFVIII]
Terra's Theme [FFVI] 4:25
Swing de Chocobo 4:44
Final Fantasy 3:27
The Rocking Grounds [FFIII] 4:43
Maybe I'm a Lion [FFVIII] 6:20
Suteki Da Ne (Isn't It Wonderful?) [FFX] 6:50
A Place to Call Home - Melodies of Life [FFIX] 6:55
Opera "Maria & Draco" [FFVI] 12:27
Advent: One-Winged Angel [FFVII Advent Children] 6:33

I'm currently grooving on the Swing de Chocobo.

Have also made a list of prompts from the fall round of [ profile] springkink for art inspiration. I'll only claim them if I actually get a picture done. :D More of you on my f-list - writers and artists - should get involved with this, methinks.

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