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Leaving the typo above, where I had my fingers one key over, because I find it amusing. Also, if you're one of my f-list (or found this journal randomly) are unaware of the Parallels fic/art/vid exchange for rare Asian fandoms, read up on it here: [community profile] parallelsfic.

Now on to the letter!

Dear Parallels Creator: )

Anyway! Enough about me! Have fun and thank you again!
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Yeah, so I found this by wandering through the Yuletide Madness archive and thinking "What on earth could you write about nail polish?" only to find that the answer is this. Five drabbles, each a gem.
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I just wonder why the people who kindly collate all the links to Yuletide letters into a spreadsheet don't put them in with each request in a separate row. Right now, it's excellent if you're sorting by requester's name, and terrible if you want to sort by fandom. You have to do a ctrl-f and search for the fandom's name, which takes much longer and assumes you know what you're looking for and spelling it correctly.

My first guess is that it's easier, except that it's really not significantly easier - right now, in order to make it, each individual element has to be copied and pasted and to make it sortable by fandom, you'd just c&p onto different lines, then highlight the URL and requester's name, copy, and paste two more times.

(ETA: Or do what I just did, which is download the table, c&p it 4 times (once for each of the request columns) then delete the extraneous column in each section.)

(ETA2: Turns out there's a little button at the bottom, in faded-out text, that says "Letters by Fandom A-Z" which will sort them in fandom order for you.)

(Not participating this year; just poking about looking at them in case anything sounds interesting.)
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Spending lunch hour poking through the Yuletide archive (finally!). Found this:

The Snarkout Boys and the Perils of Higher Education

I don't think you need to have read Daniel Pinkwater to read the story. You may be confused, but it's like that, and hopefully you will be intrigued enough to go read some Daniel Pinkwater because boy, have you missed out.


Jan. 1st, 2010 08:48 pm
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The story I wrote is Tori Kumo Ni Iru (Birds Enter Clouds)*, for [ profile] snarkydame. Fandom: Natsume Yuujincho.** There are a few things you need to know about the canon to understand what's going on or why the cat talks and is referred to by two different names, and you can gather those by reading the character bios at Wikipedia. No spoilers in them. My story is set for the most part in Magome, where [personal profile] rachelmanija and I visited in 2007. Photos of the place (and the mad-eyed stuffed pheasant) here and here

Now must hurry back to a project I'm working on. :D

ETA: And let me hurry back momentarily because I am an idiot and forgot to mention that the author of my awesome Yuletide story, Goats Who Stare at Men, is [ profile] sparky77. Thank you so much!!

* The title is a Japanese poetic convention, details in the author notes in the story.

** Manga apparently soon to be released here as "Natsume's Book of Friends," and the subtitled anime can (legally, even!) be streamed at
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It's from The Men Who Stare at Goats, and it's an exploration of a clever inversion of the theme, titled Goats Who Stare At Men. Go read! thank you, Yuletide writer! XD

(The server is, of course, getting hammered right now, so it may take a while to get in. :)
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Yuletide tip, for those of you with problems when you copy-and-paste into the rich text editor on AO3: I had exactly zero problems copying my story from Google Docs and pasting it into there. So try opening your document in Google Docs, checking that the formatting is preserved, then copypasta from there into AO3.
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Yuletide story uploaded! I may go in and fix a couple of grammar issues later, after the uploading deadline when the servers aren't being hammered, but it's certainly acceptable now. :)
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Right. So what was that they assured me about not slashdotting AO3 when trying to upload stories?

*sits and waits ... and waits ... and waits for the New Post page to load*
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Yuletide story: rough draft down. Sent to ... I'm not even going to call them beta readers. Alpha readers, for comment.

There's a few areas that I think need to be explored more to do what I want to do, but I figured I'd wait and see if anyone agreed with me so I wouldn't have to waste my time on any particular section if it didn't need it. :)

I have no title, either, but that's par for the course at this stage.

It's 4000ish words right now. Why is that always my length?

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