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I've uploaded two videos in the past couple of days:

Our morning routine, which is Nefer demanding I turn the shower on for her. She's quieter than usual in the video--normally she yells until I accede to her demands.

This next one is a video we pulled off the PS4 of Toby playing Fallout 4. If you didn't read my previous post (with the crappy video), he accidentally got into the biggest fight he'd ever been in in FO4, because it turns out that when you lay waste to the Institute, the game doesn't want you to leave and spawns dozens and dozens of synth troopers to fight you. Toby defeated them all armed only with a knife. (And a set of power armor. And some maxed-out Stealth and Blitz stats.) The PS4's framerate went to hell through trying to render all those troopers.

Highlights: The video starts midway through the first wave. Then skip to 4:32 for the beginning of the second wave. Then skip to 10 seconds before the end for the punchline of trying to close the elevator door on a giant pile of bodies.

Synth Trooper Scrum
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I posted about an annoying thing under f-lock, so to get myself feeling better, here's a couple of more positive things:

1) I went on a mad cleaning binge on December 31, and Jan 1 & 2 , and the house is still clean! It's helped that I scrounged and bought large baskets and other containers and put them into the rooms that collect clutter, and made them the Clutter Collection Bins: things that we'd normally just let sit around messing up the place, or things that need to stay out because one of us is returning to continue a project or whatnot go into the bins instead.

2) Toby continues to be hilarious at Fallout 4. Last night he took on dozens and dozens and DOZENS of synth troopers armed with only power armor and a knife. The PS4 almost died under the load of rendering all the bodies. I have a crappy phone video of two minutes of the fight, and we'll be pulling the 15 minutes that he managed to grab off the PS4 tonight and hopefully uploading it. How does this fight happen? Well, if you go into the Institute and lay waste to it, turns out the game really really doesn't want you to leave and so spawns wave after wave of synth troopers in an effort to try and stop you.
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  • Oh! The arterial spray!
  • You can try to take that Pepsi challenge, but I already did. As [a friend of ours] says, don't start none, won't be none. Except I always win.
  • No blood to spill today? Looks like you got plenty!
  • Let's play Pin the Bullet on the Super Mutant. Fun for the whole family!
  • You don't need that leg...oh ho ho! He flew!
  • Fine! I'll just shoot you in the leg, then! You don't need that knee.
  • Is that a freakin glowing skull? That's not creepy at all. I can't pick it up. Damn.
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Come on, I'm shooting a laser! You gotta know where I'm at!

Why am I carrying around the Massachusetts Medical Journal?

Ooh a fisherman's hat with lures on it!

You lose some of the creepiness of the fog with that weird horizontal artifact. Oh, wait, it's the ocean.

[when an event fails to trigger so the characters stand around in a tableau instead of conversing] Anyone? Hello? Can I stand on the Child of Atom? Not for lack of trying! See my hair? Admire it! Are you admiring it?

[to a fussy robot] You sound like my grandmother.

Shoot him in the butt! And it launches him! He gets air!

It's your own fault for falling down that I get to shoot you in the head.

I'll make you carry this shit, Nick. I'll shove it into your inventory.
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I’m IN POWER ARMOR, homes.

YES! In the face!

Come on dude, figure it out. Your buddy’s dead. You’re smarter than that. Bye!

*cackles madly* I love it when their heads come off!

[after targeting a wolf identified as Vicious Wolf] I’m going to adopt a wolf and name it Sid. Where’d he go? Come on, Sid! *shoots, laughs* Spinning head! Huh. For some reason the wolf has pre-war money.

*evil laugh* Point-blank in the face! Wait, why are you on fire? Why am *I* on fire??

Whoa! Okay, you’re named. Suck it!

Is this how you want to end? Cause I can make that happen. Oh, I did make that happen.

Really? You see what I did to your friends? Evidently not.

*high-pitched giggle*

Oh! In the crotch! I’m kinda sorry about that, dude. But not much.

Just for that I’m going to shoot your legs. Oops, I was only able to do one.

Why do you have nuclear material on you? That’s really not healthy.
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And because this DW/LJ has unexpectedly turned into All Video Games All The Time, here's a link to a funny article where someone decides to see what a video game character is up to when you send him home.

In Fallout 4, one of the companions is Dogmeat, a German shepherd (Alsatian, I think, if you're a Brit?). If you tell him to go home, he will run off and, some time later, end up back at your home base. This guy followed him.

To reassure you, because the Fallout 4 wasteland is a harsh one, Dogmeat is an unkillable character--if his hit points get low enough, he sits down and whines (in a really upsetting way, IMHO!) until they go back up again or you shoot him up with a stimpack.

Also, I find one of the funniest parts of the game is how Brotherhood pilots crash vertibirds ALL THE TIME.
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Aimed and shamed!

Oh that's a head on a pike. I was Awesome! He's not moving! But, crap.

No no stay there stop moving. Damn.

Yes! That was a head shot! That was a helluva head shot!

Are these guys still pissed off at me? Of course they are. Yeah, nobody here but us chickens, Steve.

Oh fine, leg, leg, arm, arm, you're not going to survive that long.

(aiming) Oh...just your gun arm.

Sent from my Apple ][e
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Toby: Huh, the settlers at the Red Rocket are mad at me. Wonder why?

Me: They were probably attacked and now someone's dead because you didn't leave any fusion cores so they couldn't use the power armor.

Toby: It's *my* power armor! I don't want to clean it out after some wastelander leaves their stank in it! These people don't take showers!

Me: Who built the settlement? It's your fault they don't take showers!
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Toby is playing Fallout 4 again, cleaning up a few bits before he starts the Far Harbor DLC.

Here's some of the things he's been saying:

Let's go in here and see how many people are allergic to lead. Or lasers. Or, well, shit, railroad spikes. I'm not picky.

(After watching a Super Mutant Skirmisher's head explode) Heeheeheerheeeeeheeee!

That sucks. You can't shoot the can chains.

Hah, hah, hah, dumbass!

Now to make some drugs! (Sees Strong the super mutant standing at the drug crafting station) No, Strong! You are not allowed to make drugs! Ever!

(To the settler who crouches a foot above the ground, welding a corrugated iron sheet next to a cardboard box, who complains how her feet hurt) HOW DO YOUR FEET HURT? And you're welding a box. Oh, not the box. But you're about to set it on fire, dumbass.

Are you guys shooting at my fuckin' robot?

Really? All my Penetrator perks and I can't do that?

In the FACE!

(Spotting a robot through the scope) Ooh, Mark V! Nice! For me to poop on! (Shoots, it explodes)

Oh. Were you guys upstairs? Because I need to talk to one of you. With bullets.

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It's like making a deposit at the XP bank!

I don't know who you are but I'm shooting you. Oops, I didn't want to do that.

Don't laser my dog! I'll shoot you in the face!

Hello? I am interested in doing you harm! Come out and play!

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