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For those of you who remember my Saiyuki Reload Gunlock version of Telophase's Out-of-Context Theatre and HK Bad Subs Report, and most especially the comments in this post, we have a sighting of Rabbi Sanzo in the wild!
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Episode 9 was so incredibly not full of Engrish that I went ahead and watched 10. And have finally hit paydirt!

Ep 9:

Rich woman trying to molest Hubb: I heard that the woman went in the castle was a survivor of blue blood

Ep 10, Disc 2

Interchangeable soldier: Shoot to the four lads who took away the target girl

Tsume has been renamed "Lanco." Shesan is spelled "Xuesan," which at least makes sense.

The guy who's been hunting the wolves must have an exceptional shotgun, as the guy interrogating him reveals: Four metal warheads with caliber at 30mm are found

Hige, complaining about Toboe's sprained ankle: How could he get wrenched in such a forest?

Hige, talking about the Forest of DEEEEEEEEEATH! that they're walking through, I think: No orbit! The greatest thing is that there's no mankind

Hige has now been renamed Lanhu.

"Scent" has been translated as "taste."

Tsume is talking in a bit of netspeak now: Damn1

I believe Toboe is now Lanho.

Kiba is named Nangya. Why not "Lan[blah]" like everyone else? Is it because he's so speshul?

Scientist woman whose name I've forgotten: The wolves that occurred in the city. They occurred when Xuesan woke up.

Malice Mizer guy: It will be the key to open the amusement park. [WE HAVE IGNITION! [ profile] rachelmanija tells me that "amusement park" is one of the ways they find to translate "Paradise" in this show.]

Tsume, to Kiba: Now you just lack of it.

Malice Mizer guy: If she can shower in the full moon more times

ETA: My kitty likes to lick my toes. That's not Engrish: she really has started to like licking my toes, for some reason.
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Still no crack. WHERE IS MY PROMISED CRACK?! And HOW MANY EPISODES ARE ON THIS ONE DVD?! I can't tell, because it's all in Chinese and I get lost in the menus, so I let the "Start playing from the place last left off?" function on my DVD software take care of finding where I am.

Military-type leader whose name I don't know: I don't care she is smiling o crying

Toboe: And another one id a present.

Old woman: What are you plan to do bringing her alone?

Hige: And it seems that I've seen hat woman before somewhere

Hige is still Wolf Bear.


Also watched ep 22 of Princess Tutu Calm before the storm, eh?
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One-eyed guy: Your beautiful and gentle hair the eyes that filled with kindliness

For those of you who don't know, Toboe is the youngest of the wolves. And it seems that Hige has a high notion of Toboe's, er, potential--

Toboe, feeling the presence of a particular someone important to the plot the wolves: What should I do? My heart is beating fast and I feel warm
Hige, with a beatific look on his face: I'm as excited as a pretty girl who's about to go into your arms.

I'm going to find a good picture of Hige that shows his comfy pants and make an icon that says something like "I'm wearing my Comfy Pants!"

I've been watching Princess Tutu and have one more episode on the next-to-last disc, before I send it in and get the last disc. It's the sort of show that I have a hard time writing about without first reading other people's impressions, because there's so much going on that I can't actually really put my thoughts together.

And if the cat ballet master really does do Marriage Special Training like he's threatened to in the last ep I watched, I fear for all of his students. XD
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TO wind up a day in which I managed to get not much done, I watched the next Wolf's Rain ep. "Paradise" isn't being translated as anything too weird yet, but it is mentioned as the "Expectation Paradise," which seems like maybe "hoped-for Paradise" might have been a better translation. (Just a guess, though.)

Kiba: The fire set on the territory scorched them in the blank of an eye.

And today's "WTF are you talking about?" award goes to ...

Hige: My teeth are lofty.
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This episode was sadly lacking in teh funneh, I must say. There was only one really good typo, which, if you know the theme of the episode, is strangely apt.

Hige: Dogging a hole for yourself?

This seems to be in the Japanese, but after having a bunch of wolves with wolfy names, one appears who's named ... Charlie. Hm. (a little bit later) Ah. Makes sense now, with the theme of the ep.

And yup, Hige is still Wolf Bear here. I wonder why tha typo is continuing through several episodes?
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Kiba: If we can bath the moonlight we can hang on for a little longer

Tsume: I'm going to find the hell or something.

Toboe: I will chase him down and bring him bake.

Cher: These tops seem too depressing.

Hige: We met ion the way and stayed together.

Kiba (speaking of Toboe, I think): Though he is an autistic person he's not unmindful of others...
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Ate dinner while watching ep 3 of Wolf's Rain. No really major howlers in the subtitles so far, but it's starting to deteriorate a bit.

Toboe: Such a sod sound

Private detective ex-husband guy: hat dog has escaped

PDE-HG (ah, 'Habu' in today's ep): I'm allergic to fathers.

Hige is still Wolf Bear in this episode.

Then someone forgot to put a return or newline into a line of dialogue, so it's in one line, cut off by either side of the screen:

|ep chasing them. Not for sports and not because I'm dru|
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Still no seriously good Engrish in this one. I have faith in all of you who told me it's in here somewhere!

First, there's a teleophone conversation that I can't really tell if it's faithfully translated or if it's mistranslated:

Liposky: Cher, I don't care much about titles, but...
Dr Dugry: Speak the real business
Liposky: I have something I like you to see [oh, I just bet you do, Mr. Ex-Husband!]
Dr Dugry: Did you catch an elephant this time?

And then Hige's opinion of Kiba: What am square guy, really.

And yup, as per discussion in the comments from last time, they're translating Toboe as Wolf Howl.

And thanks to a missing letter, Hige, aka Wolf Beard, is now Wolf Bear.

OK. Since there's not so much with the funny in the subtitles, I have to turn my attention elsewhere. And, naturally, it turned to Tsume's butt. I'm quite sure that most of you spent a lot of time watching it, too. I have to admit I'm not so fond of the leather daddy look for the rest of his outfit, but his butt is acceptable.

OK. Now, when you rest any part of your body on a surface, thanks to gravity, you press into it a bit. And when you look at it, there's a straight line where the body part is contacting the surface, as the soft tissue deforms. Keep that in mind as you click on the cut. )

I'm also not entirely sure I can throw myself into a series where there's a random mysterious character cosplaying someone from Malice Mizer. )

I've also been watching Princess Tutu over the past couple of days, and jsut saw the episode ... 17, I think. With the prince! And the rose petals! And the bulls! XD
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...and demanded Princess Tutu, so therefore I chose Wolf's Rain.

OK, I had good reason: it's late and I'm short on sleep, and if I watch Princess Tutu, there's a very good chance that I won't be able to stop at one episode, and that would be Very Very Bad.

Anyway ... in the first episode there wasn't anything too bad, except for the translators' tendencies to, I assume, make up wolf names for the characters. I did a bit of poking about online to find the characters' names (without spoiling myself, which was a fairly difficult task), and nowhere did I find anything resembling what they called them. The characters were very definitely using their original names in the Japanese.

Tsume: Wolf Claws
Kiba: Wolf Fang
Hige: Wolf Beard

The character Cheza is referred to as "Shesan," which isn't too far off and kind of sounds like it.

I'm intrigued at what they're translating as "noblesse," though.

Narrator: is an airship of noblesse. (There was no subject to this sentence.)

Bartender: ...but there's no place fir for living.

Bartender: That's such an ancient story. I heard it for my grandfather. (Such an obliging grandson)

Wolf Claws: Food supplies for the noblesse will pass through the check stop tomorrow. (The Czech Stop in West, Texas, not too far out of Waco [yes, that Waco] sells, I am assured, the best kolaches in Texas. Not being a kolache connisseur, I shall take people's word for it. I suppose their fame has spread far and wide.)

Wolf Claws: I don't know from which mountain did you come out

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