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[ profile] mbeasi just finished watching Tutu! Go squee!

(spoilerrific, natch.)
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[ profile] meganbmoore is watching Princess Tutu. (Link goes to her Tutu tag. She's through eps 1-13 as of now.)
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[ profile] kate_nepveu recommends Princess Tutu in a long, nonspoilery post.

(WHY oh WHY am I still online? I've got the new Pratchett novel IN MY APARTMENT and I'm not reading it! This is a state of affairs that cannot be allowed to continue to exist!)
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[ profile] loligo has just finished Princess Tutu and has some intriguing thoughts on Neko-sensei.
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Got the tiny seekrit project that I've been annoying you about since last week done. If you've been reading the hints etc. in the comments, you've probably gathered it's a comic of some ilk, and yes that is so.

And it's a doujinshi, not original work. I did it because I needed to work on a few things - namely pencils and inking - without the pressure of OMG original work. I didn't entirely succees - I think the pencils and inks are better then any I've done so far, but they're not what I'd hoped for. Oh well. :D And I hate the tones - they are thoroughly and entirely not waht I wnated, because AS ALWAYS I reverted to my too-much-tone stuff. And I think that's because the inks, while good, are still not good enough - I need much more detail in them, especially in the backgrounds, so they stand entirely on their own and the tones can be confined to small bits here and there to highlight important bits or to pop other bits out. Ah well. Next time.

How I picked the one to do: I didn't want to do something very long, so I started hunting for drabbles - my declaring I was in the mood to read drabbles last week makes SO MUCH MORE SENSE now doesn't it? It had to be a fandom I knew, so I would know the undercurrents going on in the story, and it had to be able to make the transition from text to manga. Which was rather hard to find: by their nature, most drabbles out there tend to be introspective and navel-gazing and that kind of deep interior life doesn't lend itself to comic pages. It didn't have to have dialogue, but that would help. And it had to be by one of you guys - I couldn't tell anyone about it because that would bring some sort of expectation and pressure to bear on me, whereupon I'd quit halfway through, and that meant I had to pick one written by someone I was reasonably sure wouldn't freak out at me for adapting their story without permission. :D Which is why this is still under friendslock - I'm not making it public or uploading it to DA/whatever before the author in question says it's ok. :) (ETA: out of friendslock now!)

[ETA: And oh yeah - the other sort of drabble that I couldn't use is the kind that's all about one strong image - I love the image in this one about Sanzo using shell casings for meditation beads (by [ profile] octopedingenue), but it's a single picture and not a sequential bit of story, at least not in my mind.]

So who's the lucky winner whose work I've stolen paid homsge to adapted? Why, it's [ profile] octopedingenue and her Princess Tutu drabble What we do not regret from back in March.

Believe it or not, there are NO SPOILERS for Princess Tutu in it. If you have not watched the show, you'll be rather confused because it requires knowledge of the characters to interpret correctly, but if you read it before you see the show, everything that happens in the show will still be a total surprise. :) I'm going to request any spoilers in the comments be protected like this.

What we do not regret, by octopedingenue, adapted by telophase )
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Yes I did just finish watching Princess Tutu, why do you ask?

Spoilers in comments, [ profile] rachelmanija, don't look. :D
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One-eyed guy: Your beautiful and gentle hair the eyes that filled with kindliness

For those of you who don't know, Toboe is the youngest of the wolves. And it seems that Hige has a high notion of Toboe's, er, potential--

Toboe, feeling the presence of a particular someone important to the plot the wolves: What should I do? My heart is beating fast and I feel warm
Hige, with a beatific look on his face: I'm as excited as a pretty girl who's about to go into your arms.

I'm going to find a good picture of Hige that shows his comfy pants and make an icon that says something like "I'm wearing my Comfy Pants!"

I've been watching Princess Tutu and have one more episode on the next-to-last disc, before I send it in and get the last disc. It's the sort of show that I have a hard time writing about without first reading other people's impressions, because there's so much going on that I can't actually really put my thoughts together.

And if the cat ballet master really does do Marriage Special Training like he's threatened to in the last ep I watched, I fear for all of his students. XD

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