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2017-02-21 01:02 pm


Just got a spam email at work with a URL that included "Potato Transformation Symposium." Not going to click it because (a) malware and (b) whatever's there will be a disappointment compared to what my mind conjures up from that phrase.
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2016-10-11 01:44 pm

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Very tiny, very scared wee beastie at the library today. I heard him squalling outside my window (CLOSED and TWO FLOORS UP!), and a coworker who does kitten fostering and campus trap-neuter-release went outside and caught him. He's on his way to the vet now.
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2016-09-08 10:04 am

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Photo of the 1970 TCU rifle team. I love the expression on the face of the young woman on the upper right.
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2016-09-07 04:29 pm


I discovered yesterday that the campus Google appliance had gone bananas on our FAQ service, hitting it up for three specific search terms every five minutes or so.

Since May. Since 11:08 AM on May 13th, to be precise.

I'd discovered that I'd done searches on those three terms at the time the Google bot started its journey into darkness, which presumably triggered it, but I'd also done a number of searches on other terms at the same time because I was updating all the FAQs associated with them. No idea why the bot chose to obsess over "copyright," "texshare," and "new material alerts." The database that holds the logs for these queries is now overflowing with approximately 30K hits per month since May, rendering the stats tools in the service unusable.

I talked with campus IT and while the ultimate cause of why it picked those three terms is unknown, it was having problems with the searches not completing, so it was repeating them and repeating them. After discussion, I picked the option of not having the campus search index the FAQs to stop the madness. Most of our users use regular Google to search for stuff related to the campus and the library tbh, and I've got a custom Google search on the site, not the campus search, so it'll affect us not at all, and I've got a support ticket into the service asking them to delete all the records that come from that specific IP address.

So, um, yay technology?
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2016-09-01 09:33 am

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My boss got himself a new ringtone--it's the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated." Which means it's now stuck in my head. (The coworker in the office on the other side has a ringtone that sounds like the bells when a public library is about to close--you know the ones--so periodically throughout the day I get the urge to gather my books at take them to the front desk to be checked out.)
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2016-01-20 09:21 am

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Can you help me? If you have IE, could you go to this page and let me know if a list of links to questions/answers shows up under the heading "Library Access FAQs"? If they do NOT show up, please let me know your OS, and IE version?

It should look something like this: Read more... )Reason why I"m asking: I have a report that when the dean was giving a presentation, she pulled up this page (on IE) and the questions didn't show up. I'm trying to track down if it was the version of IE or what.
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2015-12-10 11:48 am

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Our study room reservation system has a space that you put a name or other identifying description in. This shows up on the reservations page and on the RoomWizard doohickey at the door, so you know who's in that room. We've got language warning people not to put in offensive or obscene descriptions, and for the most part they're usually pretty tame, with a few creative ones here and there.

Finals, however, is bringing out the silly as over 50% of them are no longer just "econ 305" or whatnot. Here is a list of room descriptions I culled from today's reservations.

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2015-08-13 08:55 am

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The website I'm working on is due to go live TOMORROW. Naturally I find bug in the code that displays the most-used part of the site (databases) yesterday afternoon. And this morning I confirm that it's appeared on the site for months now, and for some reason I just didn't hit the correct combination of factors to display it.

And looking at my code I'm all WHY DID YOU DO IT THIS WAY THIS IS CRAP so I get to spend today rewriting THIS ENTIRE SECTION OF THE SITE so I can actually take the thing live tomorrow.

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2015-06-12 12:31 pm


Hello my name is POSSUM and I am TINY and WEE.

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2015-06-10 12:40 pm

Eye in the sky

Toby walked over for lunch today, and afterwards I let him out the handicapped entrance. It's got a foyer, where we stopped for a short time as I was pointing out the flood damage that occurred before they redid the damage, then he gave me a hug and a kiss before I opened the outer door.

And as he walked by the intercom, we heard a chorus of "AAAWWWWWW!!" coming from it. Methinks the lab managers and student workers who control the door have nothing better to do today.XD
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2015-03-09 10:23 am

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Today is JACKHAMMER DAY in this construction site of a library!

I should have brought my noise-canceling headphones. Bah.
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2014-08-19 09:43 pm


The library is under construction and deconstruction right now, and there are LOUD JACKHAMMERS and other machinery happening near my office, enough so that I spent part of the afternoon in earplugs.

And as I was leaving for the day, I discovered that the vibrations are LITERALLY shaking the books off the shelves!

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2014-06-24 12:32 pm


...I don't really want to be the adult in this situation, but I can hear a girl talking at full volume outside my office, and this is technically the Quiet Study Section, so I really should go out there and ask her to keep it down.

What's making it harder for me is that nobody else is this area, so there's nobody to disturb. Well, except me, but I"m going through an online course at the moment, so I'm watching a video and she's really not bothering me.


Ah, I see my delaying tactic of posting to the internets instead of going out of m office and confronting her has paid off and it is now silent out there.
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2014-06-12 11:26 am

Ah technology

I was trying to create a survey in Qualtrics when, after I added a new question, it put the wrong answer type up and then refused to let me edit anything. So I ended up with this useful question:

(I was able to fix it by closing it down and ignoring it for a while, then going back today and opening it up and clicking the "Edit" button. It's now letting me edit like nothing happened, so the question has been tweaked a bit and the answer is now a text box.)
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2014-06-11 01:09 pm

Parking lot woes

I left campus for lunch, and almost didn't get out of my lot. See, one end is blocked off because they're building a large crane for the next phase of construction on the library and are swinging heavy equipment around on chains.

And it seems a Dr. Pepper truck tried to take a nonexistent exit at the other end (the path through the lot is an S-shape, and he was at the wrong bend of the S) and got his truck hung up on the curb. To make matters worse, someone got to campus late, found no spaces left in this lot, and parked illegally, next to the end of the row of spaces, so there was only a very tiny space in between the Dr Pepper truck and his bumper. The truck driver helped me squeeze my car between them, but I think I may have been the last person out of that side of the lot. :)

I took a photo, of course!

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I'm not having a particularly bad day, but I know someone who's have a way, way worse one!
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2014-05-23 09:27 am

Oh dear

To the person who comes into my office before my working hours and occasionally runs a vacuum over the carpet:

That terrible, horrible, no good, very bad noise you hear your vacuum cleaner making is my fault. I dropped a dime and it has magically vanished into the pattern on the industrial carpeting in the office. I do apologize.

With great sympathy for the noise you are going to endure,
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2014-04-14 12:44 pm

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I present an out-of-context quote from a memo circulated at work today:
Supervision is required since lasers will be involved.
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2014-04-01 10:42 am

So here's the story...

To understand this, you need to know that...

(a) our library decorates the lobby with "READ" posters made from photos of TCU student athletes holding books.
(b) there is an improv comedy group on campus that has a joking rivalry with the library that started when they posted a video called "50 Questions" and the library responded with "50 Answers."

So. This morning, guess what mysteriously appeared in the lobby, unheralded by anyone?

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2013-12-23 01:40 pm

The first sign of construction in the library...

Dear Mr Guy In Hard Hat. Before you start flipping breakers to find the one you need, please remember there THERE ARE PEOPLE STILL HERE WORKING ON COMPUTERS.

I have a good habit of saving my work frequently, so I didn't lose anything, but a complaint has been sent up the chain. (And others notified in case they wish to check on the other computers in the basement.)
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2013-10-16 03:42 pm


One of my coworkers is the head of the campus' trap-neuter-release program for feral cats. She also fosters kittens found on campus. They had a setup outside the library for a couple of hours today to get awareness for the program, and had three tiny ambassadors who had been found in the construction zone recently. I dropped by her office for a few minutes.

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