Jan. 20th, 2016

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Your Star Wars name the Kylo Ren way.

I'm Rese Rte. Perhaps Rese Rel if I use "telophase" as my first name, which has the advantage of being pronounceable, at least.
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Can you help me? If you have IE, could you go to this page and let me know if a list of links to questions/answers shows up under the heading "Library Access FAQs"? If they do NOT show up, please let me know your OS, and IE version?

It should look something like this: Read more... )Reason why I"m asking: I have a report that when the dean was giving a presentation, she pulled up this page (on IE) and the questions didn't show up. I'm trying to track down if it was the version of IE or what.
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ConDFW site hit by malware so instead of doing all the OTHER things I need to do, I am now fixing that. Harrumph.

I leave you with this gif, which I trust needs no explanation because you aren't getting any.

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