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My boss got himself a new ringtone--it's the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated." Which means it's now stuck in my head. (The coworker in the office on the other side has a ringtone that sounds like the bells when a public library is about to close--you know the ones--so periodically throughout the day I get the urge to gather my books at take them to the front desk to be checked out.)

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Thank you for sharing. It's now stuck in MY head too. ::wry grin::

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I aim to please! :)
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Mine is the cornet riff from Of Monsters and Men's Little Talks.

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:) My default ringtone is silent. Which I installed after I started getting 1-2 calls a day from scammy telemarketers. Everyone in my contacts has their own ringtone assigned to them, and I never hear telemarketers now. BLESSED RELIEF