Mar. 20th, 2014 08:59 am
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There was a hawk on our neighbor's roof this morning. All I had was a phone camera, so here it is zoomed in to max, in rather bad quality, but enough to see the bars on its tail. It was brown, rather than the grey that the camera makes it seem to be.

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Getting the description down before I go look it up.

Ground bird--was sititng on a rock in our back yard, then ran off rather than fly off. Fairly large-robin or bluejay size, can't tell exactly. Mottled/spotted breast of dark spots on white, with the white picking up a reddish tinge as it goes down the abdomen. Beak like a jay, so it's an insect eater rather than a seed eater. Head smooth, no crest that I could see. Back and wings (when closed) dark brown. Tail points down like a jay, rather than up like a roadrunner.

Now off to look for the bird online and in my dad's old field guide.

ETA: No hard ID, but I'm inclined to a thrasher or a thrush.


Jan. 20th, 2013 10:54 am
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This is the neighborhood hawk. I often spot him (or her) sitting on one of these streetlights on the way home from work. He (she?) happened to be out this morning, and I happened to have my camera.

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Bird ID?

Jan. 12th, 2013 02:03 pm
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Can anyone ID this guy? Every so often we have a small flock of them come through. They don't get on the feeder, but rootle around in the undergrowth for a short while, then fly off.

edit: IDed, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] batwrangler and [livejournal.com profile] matildarose! Dark-eyed Junco.

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Seen for a short time on the brick fence behind our house from the bathroom window. He was also in shadow, so it was hard to tell if colors were brown or grey, for instance.

Dark back, very leggy, barred tail - dark tail with horizontal dark bars on it. Breast white and brown - looked like brown, er not stripes, but vertical brown feathers or streaky-type marks (I should learn this bird terminology!). Beak looked kind of like it had a dark tip on it.

It was a kind of hawk-like, falcon-like thing. And now that I've gotten all I remember written down, off to the intertubes to search for possible identifications!

ETA: Breast like the ones the merlins are showing, but a tail more like a Cooper's hawk. I'm leaning towards a juvenile Cooper's for now.
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...of birds on or near the feeder from a couple of days ago, plus Sora being wigged out by a pair of work gloves.

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I have tentatively identified our bird as a juvenile field sparrow. He probably lives in the unmowed prairie area just south of our subdivision. He may also be a she. The high-pitched peeping cry Toby heard him make was probably what they term a chip call, which is emitted when predators and humans are nearby.

I shall call him Marvin.

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