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Hello my name is POSSUM and I am TINY and WEE.

The Music/Media librarian also does kitten fostering, especially for cats that are trapped on campus, and Possum is currently too small to be left alone, so he came with her to work this week.

That's Toby's hand he's sniffing.

Possum also fell in love with that bell and wouldn't leave it alone.
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OH MY GOSH. So cute--!
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Let me guess -- Possum squeaks instead of meows.

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Eeeeeee, adorable baby kitty!
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Ooohhh, so fuzzy. He's still got his kitten blue eyes.
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So tiny!
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Awfully young to be a silverback.

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He's certainly got all the library staff in line!

Apparently Mama's gray. He was the only kitten they've managed to trap so far, and Mama's moved them to a new place they haven't found yet, but Mama comes to a feeding station, so once the others are old enough to accompany her, they'll try again. ("They" being the trap-neuter-release group on campus.)

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That is a very wee kitten indeed!

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And so, so fuzzy!