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ADHD: it's like being stuck on TVTropes every single minute of every single day of your life.

Thought brought to you by discovering this AskMeFi thread.
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Time I started to read ARC of ADHD book: 9:00 PM
Current time: 9:55 PM
Page I am currently on: 8
What I have done while reading: made 3 LJ/DW posts including this one, synced Apple TV, checked Apple TV to make sure sync worked, discussed Farscape with [ profile] myrialux, scratched Sora, gone into kitchen to move pork chops from freezer to fridge, got up to go to the bathroom but got distracted and haven't made it there yet, read Livejournal, read BBC News headlines, attempted to check BLoglines feeds but thwarted because it's Bloglines, watched [ profile] myrialux perform his Water Bill Paid dance, and successfully resisted playing Echo Bazaar in order to re-set the stating time to the morning.

Need for this book: desperate. Hope it's actually helpful.


Oct. 28th, 2009 08:25 am
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I have been doing really well lately at taking my Strattera in the morning, but we've now hit a snag. You see, the reason I've been able to remember every day is due to following a suggestion from my doctor - putting a glass of water next to my bed every night so it's there in the morning and I see it.

Problem is, Sora's now found this Neat! New! Water! Source! and drinks from it in the night. Putting a book on top of the glass no longer dissuades him, as he's discovered he can knock it off, and last night I discovered that covering the top with Glad Press N Seal doesn't work, as he simply knocked the glass itself over.*

The next obvious solution would be a bottle of some sort I guess.** I don't want a plastic one of the sort that you buy water in at the grocery store because after a couple of rounds of washing they develop scratches on the inside which, I am told, can harbor some pretty nasty bacteria. Do the metallic ones made for cyclists have an inside coating which stops the water from tasting like metal? And do they make them in small versions? I don't want a huge thing, mostly because it just needs to hold enough water to let me take the meds I take at night and the one med in the morning.***

Provided I don't kill the cat before then, of course.

* After, of course, dislodging the Press N Seal so that water went all over the bedside stand.

** [ profile] myrialux keeps threatening to get me a sippy cup.

*** The solution is not to thake the morning med at a later time. I've tried that. The ADHD makes it impossible to remember to take it consistently, which makes the ADHD worse, which... well, you get the point.
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ADHD flaring up uncontrollably at work, so have installed LeechBlock on Firefox, which keeps me from going to a list of websites I choose between hours I set (9-12, and 1-3, if you're interested). As we're heading into the huge push to code the new website now, this is a necessary thing.

Made the decision not to do Yuletide this year, as I have no spoons left at the moment. It's annoying, because the only way I can make myself write is to have a deadline imposed on me from outside or to be collaborating with someone else who helps me stay on track*, and I'd like to write.

Have discovered that it's been long enough that the local library no longer has a record of the late fees I owe them** or, indeed, of me, so I have gotten a new library card and [ profile] myrialux has agreed to put the reminder on his iPhone to turn them in whenever I check them out. Am now therefore most of the way through Brandon Sanderson's Warbreaker, which is holding my interest in a way that his Mistborn trilogy utterly failed to do. Even though the magic system doesn't ring true to me :) (Well, less the system and more the terminology, if that makes sense.)

* True of many projects of mine. This is why I tend to post here whenever I get an idea and see if anyone's interested in helping. And why most of them wither and die - nobody steps up to say "Yes! I'll do [such-and-such]!" and I don't have the focus to do it on my own (many original writing and art projects, frex) or to be the sole leader of such a project (the bishounen card game, frex).

** Librarians are the worst at returning books.
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aaaargh I wish I could direct AD/HD hyperfocus better. It's been awesome at home this weekend in getting ready for Anime Matsuri, but at work, not so much.

Off to get more caffeine, as that's said to occasionally help.

ETA: Plz to be noting that I have only now - 1:45 - managed to get away from the computer and get the caffeine. Aaaargh!
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"For that matter, you could define diabetes as one end of the spectrum of behavior of the pancreas."

--Harriet Hall, over on Science-Based Medicine, among the comments. The post is by Hall, about psychiatry-bashing. (Yoon, some of the comments will make you sporky!)

Reposting here because I'm going to have to remember that quote for the next person who says ADD is merely one end of a spectrum of behavior of attention, as if it's supposed to make it OK that I can barely function in some important areas of life. Gosh! Out in the bush when being stalked by a leopard, ADD makes it easier to survive! Yeah, but HERE and NOW it's a liability.
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Yay, something went right! I called DirecTV to inquire as to why I was being billed for HBO, Starz, and Showtime when I'd never ordered them. Turns out that I'd been given them free for three months for some reason* and then it started automatically billing. But she was very nice and removed them and credited me with the three months' worth of billing, taxes, and fees I was behind on because of this** and All should be Well. Hopefully.

* Between the CSR's accent and my lousy connection, I wasn't quite able to figure out why.

** I have to use automatic bill pay, otherwise I never actually pay bills, thanks to the ADD. Also thanks to the ADD, I don't check the bills every month. I'd set up an automatic monthly payment for the amount I should be paying to go to them, so I wasn't automatically overpaying, just getting more and more behind in the bill each month. But it's all taken care of now. I shall endeavor to remember to check that is the case next month.


Mar. 24th, 2008 04:59 pm
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Have asthmatic bronchitis for the second time in two years. Am now on prednisone again, for a short run. Or will be, starting tonight. IIRC, last time I was on prednisone it gave me such a burst of energy that (a) my ADD nearly incapacitated me and (b) I came up with all sorts of insanely good ideas that ALL needed to be worked on RIGHT NOW and I utterly failed to follow through on any of them.

So. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me to wait until next week, when I'm off it, if I start posting about all sorts of insane projects and ideas.* ESPECIALLY if I start posting about buying things for all sorts of insane projects and ideas.

* Exceptions: doujinshi, pictures for the PBR chapbook, story for the PBR chapbook, keychains and phone straps for A-Kon, drummer picture. Those are all projects in various stages of already-started and already-purchased and I'm hoping to use the energy boost to focus on *them* and not all the new projects that will occur to my overheated brain. If another project lasts until next week, it might be something that will actually get done.
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Just ran across a study (re-analyzing old data from previous studies that came to opposite conclusions) positing a link between watching voer 2 hours of television a day as a young child and the incidence of ADHD.

Cut for abstract )

My big issue is not with the news that there may be a link, it's with the suggestion, "These results support the hypothesis that childhood television viewing may contribute to the development of attention problems and suggest that the effects may be long-lasting." Isn't it just as likely that kids with short attention spans prefer watching television because it fits better with their thought patterns? Correlation does not mean causation!

I bring this up because I've got anecdotal evidence that it doesn't have a damn thing to do with watching television: from the ages of 4 to 6 I was in the Serengeti National Park with no access to television whatsoever, and watched way less than 2 hours a day for the next few years because it took me that long to understand the concept of TV schedules. I'd just turn the TV on and hope that whatever I wanted to watch was on. (I don't think I started watching TV regularly until I was 9 or so, and then at the age of 15 we moved to the country and only got two channels, so I stopped watching it and didn't pick it up on a serious basis until I graduated college.)


I haven't read the full article yet, because it's not accessible online by my library at this point. They may address this point in the article, but it's certainly not in the abstract. (The other big problem is that the data is self-reported, not verified independently, so we can't really be sure of its accuracy. It's entirely possible that parents of children with attention problems may over-report TV viewing because they think it's part of the problem, or vice versa.)

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