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Fading fast. Have drugged up, but sinus pressure, tiredness, and general feeling of blah increasing exponentially. Have a few things to get done at work, but shall probably go home at lunch.



May. 12th, 2010 10:31 am
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I think all the people on my f-list who posted yesterday that you had colds should get off the intartubes because you're contagious - I seem to have caught something. Drainage and a sore throat* for two days running, and exhaustion.

Mind you, I can't tell if the exhaustion is from the cold or from perfectly normal lack of sleep - night before last I woke up at 5 and never really got back to sleep, and this morning I had to get up at 6:15 (and woke up at 5 and didn't really get back to sleep). Work is hosting a conference downtown, so I got volunteered to manage lunch lines yesterday and breakfast lines today. And I ended up yesterday walking over half of downtown back and forth from the bus stop to the hotel in the sun, and this morning I got there before the parking meters were turned on, so had to run down every 15 minutes to check if they were on or not - and between the mugginess of outside and the lack of A/C in the hall where I was working, I was dripping sweat and Not Happy, let me assure you. (And when they turned them on, they didn't turn *mine* on, so I re-parked and fed the meter there.) So, yeah, lack of sleep and physical exertion will make you exhausted whether or not there's a cold involved.

So it's entirely possible that I just have a bad allergy attack and not a cold, but I went ahead and re-scheduled my dentist appointment from tomorrow to next week - I don't think the staff want me there if I'm infectious.

* No need to post your favorite sore throat remedy, as I've got comments on posts from the last 33546 times I mentioned a sore throat and people posted their favorite remedies.
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Have spent entire day on couch alternately sneezing, sniffling, changing channels, coughing, and napping. Am fascinated by how old-school Mafia the Old Man on Pawn Stars looks. [ profile] myrialux has brought me donuts, Wendy's for lunch, new earphones since the wire in mine broke, and is going to cook dinner. Think I may keep him.

Also now addicted to New Tricks, after seeing the pilot and the first three episodes. It's a British cop series about a woman Detective Superintendent who botches a hostage situation ("You shoot one bloody dog in this town...") and is put in charge of a new cold case squad made of cranky retired detectives. Netflix has the first two seasons, and I found out last night that my local PBS station is playing episodes from somewhere in the 4th season, so I've set it to record them so I have something to watch once I finish the Netflix-available ones. Note for people interested in strong female characters - while the squad is made of men, Detective Superintendent Pullman is a very strong character, well able to hold her own with her subordinates, and I admire the way they made a great virtue of hers into a great flaw as well (hardly a spoiler unless you want to encounter it pristine, but...) her driving need to be the best: the best cadet, the best police officer, the best woman, also leads her to prove her "bestness" by taking other women's men. She's aware it's a flaw and isn't especially happy with that tendency of hers.

Anyway, off to figure out what [ profile] myrialux is doing as strange noises are emanating from the closet in the spare bedroom.
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Temperature elevated all the way to 99.1° As I almost never ever ever get a fever, and as my temp tends to run a bit on the low side, I'm declaring that Significant.

Stayed home from work today; not only did I get a not-very-good night of sleep* but I don't think any of my coworkers want me to infect them. Had a doctor appointment for something completely different this afternoon, but they HAPPILY and QUICKLY rescheduled me when I phoned to explain. :)

I went out and got a new filter for my humidifier yesterday, as the old one had vanished and I don't recall throwing it away when I last used the thing. I now absolutely swear by it - I have ALWAYS had HORRIBLE HORRIBLE coughs that linger for WEEKS after colds, the sort that lead to dry heaves from the violence of the coughs, a faint taste of blood in my throat from straining it, the inability to stop coughing for prolonged stretches during which I CAN'T BREATHE, and worried people gathering around me telling me I need to go to the doctor RIGHT NOW and disbelieving me when I say this is absolutely normal for me.**

But I haven't had those kind of coughs much in the past couple of years, and they're not lasting anywhere near as long, and the timing corresponds exactly with me getting the humidifier. And a couple of times during a cold I've traveled elsewhere for a night and not brought the humidifier, and *those* nights I get the coughs. THIS THING IS NOT LEAVING MY POSSESSION EVER.

* Punctuated by interesting dreams, in which CLAMP featured. The mangakas themselves. Giving a talk. Not that I remember any of it.

** And the doctor then gives me either codeine, which has no effect whatsoever on me***, or these little pills that sort of paralyze the throat a bit, which have a much better effect, but which I can't take more than 1 at a time for fear of DYING. :)

*** I'm sort of wondering if I'm an opiate nonresponder: Vicoden/hydrocodone don't kill pain for me, codeine has no effect on pain or coughing, and I have no idea what it's like to be stoned from these because instead of getting a profound feeling of well-being, they merely make me ever ever-so-slightly optimistic.


Sep. 8th, 2009 08:56 pm
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Seem to be developing con crud. No sign of a fever, so probably just a cold and not flu. Waaargh.

(Plz to not be telling me to drink OJ, as the acid tends to upset my stomach tender from drainage, or to be drinking lots of water, as I will get that from my mother quite enough in the next few days thank you.)
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Still tired due to taking a cough medicine with an antihistamine before bed which put me to sleep heavily enough that I didn't wake up coughing*, which meant I slept the sleep of the drugged and didn't get real rest. I am willing to accept this, as it meant my airways got several hours' rest and as the doctor explained it to me once, my coughing is a result of reactive airways, which are irritated and make me cough, which irritates them more and makes me cough more, in a vicious circle that lasts for a few weeks after a cold. Any rest is my airways NOT getting irritated and getting a chance to heal.

Plus also humidifier. Yaay for humidifier!

I don't have actual content because my life is not much else other than SICK SICK FACEHUGGERKITTEN SICK and waking up having half-constructed a review of God Stalk in my sleep. so you are all forced to read through my wiffling on about sickness, if you haven't scrolled on by already. :)

* Although the face-hugger kitten woke me up at 5:30 anyway. Today he really wanted to burrow his face so close to mine that he was breathing the air I exhaled. Which meant that I was breathing the air he exhaled and it took about three seconds before I was ARGH GRARH OXYGEN PLZ as the pillow and his body effectively blocked the rest of my air intake.
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Still coughing, and will cough for days to come, as per usual, but at least I'm no longer feeling like I've been run over by a truck. Still don't think it was the flu, just a cold.

Am still tired, though, because my night went more-or-less like this:

SORA: Hey! She's lying down! I can sleep on her face!
ME: OOF GRAH *shove*
SORA: Can I at least put my paws on your face?
ME: NO GRAH *shove*
SORA: How about I tickle your face with my whiskers?
SORA: Fine, spoil my fun. *curls up next to my head*
ME: *zzzzzzzzzzz*

10 minutes later, start the whole script over again.

Sora *did* meow in protest during one of my coughing bouts. Furry little ingrate.
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agh siiiiick

probably not flu, just a cold and not the worst i've had

but still ... agh siiiiick


Feb. 10th, 2009 09:55 pm
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Am getting sick. [ profile] myrialux laid lower than I am - he's got fever and body aches, but I have utterly avoided that and have just coughing and tiredness. He also says that he gets sick like this once or twice a year. So no clue if it's flu or not. Plz not to be asking flu-shot questions* or leaving helpful comments about orange juice** and water because I either already know about them or am not doing them anyway.

I am not surprised about a lack of fever in me, as I don't actually get fevers except in the most extreme of circumstances. I haven't had one over 100.3 since I was in highschool, and that was way far long ago.

It's also probably not con crud as of my coworkers***, one is out with something suspiciously similar to this, and the other is starting to exhibit symptoms. I suspect if it's con crud, I was a vector of it and not a mere recipient.

Am also eating like a pig, as is [ profile] myrialux. :D I'm going to attempt work tomorrow as I ahve a performance review, but if I ahve to go home, it'll be by the grocery store so I can stock up on Tune Helper and other low-work foods.

Anyway. Con. Most of it covered in the text messages. Yes, lots of people not recognizing Saiyuki. I could tell this, because they'd turn to those prints in the portfolio and say "I don't recognize this show." Most of them were younger, yes.

Matt from Death Note. I got asked several times for him, and when I started a sketch to eventually transfer to marker paper and color, someone bought it from me right after I finished outlining the major lines in Sharpie so I could see it through the marker paper. XD So I did another one, and managed to get it to marker stage, whereupon someone bought it. And after that, someone else came by who'd seen it being colored and was disappointed that it had already sold.


* I was out sick the day they administered them at work and failed to figure out where else I could get one. Yeah, I know. Let's not discuss it.

** Too acidic for my stomach on a normal day, much less when it's been made rumbly and annoyed by sinus drainage.

*** Who I am fairly sure *did* get the flu shot, actually, so it's probably not flu or it's a strain not covered in the shot this year.

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