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Aaand part 3 of the photos, the reception: I rather like her posting these as it means I don't have to do the work of posting. :) Re: decorations--the fans were a last-minute purchase from Oriental Trading Company after I realized that the day was going to be WAY hotter than average and that as tehre was no A/C, people were going to need some form of relief! Toby went to the brewery with the box o'decorations and told them to arrange things how they willed. They did a pretty nice job. :)

(Although at the moment I'm on day something-or-other of a continual low-grade headache and ARGH.)
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Our photographer put more pictures of the wedding up on her blog.

ETA: She posted some of the ceremony yesterday. :)

ETA2: Oh, I missed that she'd put the engagement session up in March!


Apr. 25th, 2012 11:05 am
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If you want a sneak peek of wedding photos, our photographer posted a couple on her blog. (Also on her FB page, linked from there, which I shared onto my FB page.)


Apr. 14th, 2012 09:48 pm
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Married now. Exhausted. Crashing and then getting the hell out of Dodge tomorrow. Saw some pictures; they turned out great, will post some when we get them, which will be at least a couple of weeks from now. :)

T minus 1!

Apr. 13th, 2012 12:58 pm
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Countdown! 25 hours until go!

Mom and I went and had girly bonding time over manicures and pedicures (I cannot bring myself to say "mani-pedi" in other than an ironic manner). Leda, the woman doing my nails, asked what color I wanted on my toes. I said "Something fun!" She said "It'll be a surprise!"

So, what did she do?

Take a look! )

Don't know when I'll be back on DW/LJ (unless I steal some time this afternoon to browse), so you guys have fun and I'll write at least one post from the middle of the Gulf of Mexico BECAUSE OF COURSE.

By the way

Apr. 4th, 2012 10:01 am
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...less than 2 weeks til the wedding CUE PANIC AUGH


Apr. 4th, 2012 09:26 am
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Yup, lots of storms here yesterday. We're fine, as far as I know everyone I know is fine. Toby was up here at work with me as the library was throwing a not-a-shower* for us, and even if a tornado had touched down here we were in a building designated as a storm shelter for this area of campus** so our primary concern would be to get curious students away from the section of the basement that has big windows, into the middle portion which has none.

We tracked the tornadoes on and knew the closest one (the one that hit Arlington) was south of our house, tracking northeast and missing our area, so we were more concerned about hail--some parts of the metroplex got tennis-ball-sized hail--but when Toby got home, there appeared to be no damage to our house or neighborhood. We may have to go back out this weekend and re-spritz weed-killer on the dandelion forest threatening to take over our yard as I expect it washed off*** in the downpour. Oh, the humanity.

Cut for map )

So! Enjoy some spectacular photos of airborne semis and tornado damage! (I can't find any reports of anyone being killed, which is pretty amazing itself.)

* i.e. I told the social committee not to call it that as I didn't want people to feel obligated to give gifts. Some did, some didn't, a good time was had by all.

** My office has no windows looking to the outside and is in the center of the basement. I feel pretty confident about saying that I'm in the safest portion of the building. My biggest problem is that I'm insulated enough not the hear the tornado sirens, so I have to rely on coworkers sending email to know what's going on. XD

*** No doubt going on through the storm sewers to wreak havoc on the ecosystem. We're going to have to call the lawn service and find out how much they charge to dig them up by the roots. Until then, our next-door neighbor who just won the Lawn of the Month award can be assured it's probably because his yard looks so good in comparison to ours.****

**** Not the worst of the neighborhood, yay! We take walks around the area, and it always relieves us to see the worse lawns. Probably in front of vacant houses, admittedly, but ours doesn't stand out, at least.
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While gel nails are quite good at preventing the normal chips and splits I inflict on my nails on a daily basis as I, for some reason, insist on using them as tools, unlike what the beauty industry keeps telling me I should do, they are not, in fact, very good at preventing damage derived from accidentally slamming my hand into the locking mechanism of a bathroom door.

On the bright side, it took three days for the nail to actually split, and it didn't go down into the quick so it was relatively painless, so provided I don't rip off more nails between now and then it should look fine for the wedding.

I was hoping to avoid another trip to the nail place before the wedding but it turns out that when I'm not ripping and chipping my nails like usual they actually grow pretty fast. They're not into talon territory by any means (after all, I don't yet need to type in that weird way that uses the pads of your fingers to avoid hitting them), but they're longer than I prefer and I keep accidentally scratching myself. :P


Mar. 5th, 2012 09:40 am
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This weekend was so busy I'm almost glad it's Monday and I'm at work so I can have a chance to relax!

Saturday: run by the tax lady's place to sign our tax return, drive to Dallas and drop by Sephora to get a lipstick that will last on Sunday, drop Toby off at his game, go to the alterations lady to get my wedding dress alterations started, drop by a couple of places to look for clothes because WHY NOT but don't end up buying any, drop by Penzey's because friends raved about their spices and end up buying several bottles of spices because OMG SMELL GOOD, go back to the friend's house where Toby's game is to sit for a couple of hours, then we leave early to run by Chick-Fil-A and eat in teh car on the way to downtown Dallas to see Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood do funny stuff on stage (involving MOUSETRAPS at one point).

Then back across the metroplex to home, and to bed.

Get up early and drive north to the makeup lady's place to get my makeup done for the engagement pictures today, drive home (by Raising Cane's because no way are we cooking this day), then I fix my hair and then leave again for an emergency manicure & pedicure because I am feeling very self-conscious about the pictures (but I do discover that I like this place and I can go here before the wedding, so it's all good), get home and clean frantically so we're not embarrassed when the photographer gets here, then she arrives and we spend 1.75 hours taking photos, and then she leaves, we order pizza, and we COLLAPSE AND DO NOTHING ELSE FOR THE REST OF THE EVENING.

And then we had to take my car in this morning as the brake indicator light was coming on AGAIN, which means, I think, a small leak somewhere in the system ARG.

At any rate, today I can SIT, at least.

Also, the manicurist mentioned gel nails, which I'd heard about before - it's essentially a UV-light-cured polish that lasts for about 2 weeks without chipping (supposedly). I gave them a try because I'd love to be able to get my nails done before the wedding and then not have to stress out about chips. Cost extra, but if it means there's one more little detail I'm not stressing out over* SO WORTH IT.

* Please no telling me "Don't worry about the little details!" because it's NOT AS EASY AS THAT. I solve the problem by deciding at the last minute what the hell, I didn't want it anyway and letting it go at that point.
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Got my makeup done as a test today so we can see what to do for the wedding (yup, I'm paying someone a lot to do it because I don't want to be worried about it myself). After we got home, we went outside and Toby took a few shots of me.

Click to behold the glory that is me and the awkwardness that is this pose. And a picture of Nefer. )

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