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Note to self: quote to remember: "In the product design documentary, Objectified, Dan Formosa of Smart Design noted that "what we need to do to design is to look at the extremes. The middle will take care of itself.""

(Alas, it is connected to a now out-of-date article on the prevalence of netbooks. Although something designed even more extremely, the tablet, supplanted it.)
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I put it to you, dear readers who might know something about web design and development, and CMSs or the like: is there something out there which both allows for me to design a site using a lot of components* and which allows users to edit the content of those components without knowing much about the nitty-gritty and without breaking the site too easily?

And into which we can insert ASP code as necessary for messing about with our databases and the like. We've got a decade of scripts that aren't going to get rewritten anytime soon. And which runs on a Windows server? I know, that might be asking a bit much. Admittedly, if the best solution works out to be run on Unix/Linux or some such, we can probably convert everything, but it's going to take a while.

Pay solutions fine. We don't have a great track record with open source, it seems. :D

* In other words, so I can create content in little packets and insert it into whatever page I want? So I can, say, create a packet that contains a simple form for searching the catalog plus links to the databases page and the ejournals page and also a paragraph or two of text, and then plug it into several different pages across the site?


Mar. 8th, 2012 11:37 am
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Went to lunch and calmed down. Came back, and started methodically working through things and temporarily deleting them to see if it affected the text and yup: it's the filter I had in IE to provide a half-ass drop shadow behind the text boxes. Sigh. Not gonna happen: I prefer nice text to half-ass drop shadows. (Full-ass drop shadows work nicely in CSS3-compliant browsers, but not IE, nooooooo.)

Does anyone here have a clue as to WHY, in IE, my text displays in an ugly manner while this other page's text, which I've tried to replicate as closely as possible* in the CSS within the parameters I'm using, displays nicely smoothed? I cannot figure out WHY WHY WHY mine is displaying this way! HELP!

If you want to scan the code, here's the URLS: mine -- theirs -- I'm using the Bootstrap CSS framework to build it, so the answer may be buried in there somewhere (although the Bootstrap page displays just fine...)

PLease note: I do not need peeple to tell me it looks fine in browsers other than IE, as I know it does (at least in mine) and the majority of our viewers use IE.

* I temporarily changed the color to the color codes they're using for text and links for the sake of comparison. The text on MY page will be BLACK or the DARKEST of DARK GREYS at the end because I've got older people trying to read it.
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My current headdesky problem.

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I have absolutely no idea what's causing that behavior, either! Wheeeee! (Also: Chrome, wtf?!)


Nov. 8th, 2011 11:34 am
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Here is an awesome example of not testing your app very much...or perhaps of not caring.

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Sep. 6th, 2011 02:12 pm
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Soliciting feedback on whether the opacity/translucent stuff works on different browser/OS combos.

85% opacity -
90% opacity -
95% opacity -

Not soliciting feedback on anything else - this is just a test to see if it's even worth doing, and if the opacity breaks on someone's setup, it's not. :)

(FYI, I deliberately picked the background to have a lot of contrasty colors for the purposes of the test; if I go this route, the actual background picture will be more muted.)

Site help!

Aug. 29th, 2011 01:35 pm
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Please let me know if you see anything that doesn't seem to be behaving normally. The Panelists link doesn't bring any up because we don't have any entered into the system yet. (although the test site page shows what it should eventually look like, if all goes well)

If you encounter a problem, please let me know your browser, version, platform, and OS. I've got two reports of weirdness so far:

-- Firefox 6 on Win7 with NoScript installed, the final menu item (Guests) drops down to the line beneath the rest of the menu

-- IE 7, Win XP Pro, "when you go to the "About the Convention" and "At the Convention" links on the front page and it offers you the drop-down menu, both of the menus run into the link below on the list and don't allow you to select the page you want to see. For example, I was trying to get to the Volunteer link from the front page "About the Convention" drop down, but it kept dropping me into the "At the Convention" section instead."

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Clients from Hell.

Reading this makes me very very glad that I don't do websites for strangers for money anymore. Of the last two times I accepted a client:

1) the first one said she had a jewelry store and wanted me to mock up a site for it. That was the sum total of information she gave me. I wrote back, asking what sort of jewelry, what feel she wanted for the site, whether she was selling online or it was more a brochure, etc., explaining that I didn't start sites until after I had that information. She never replied.

2) the second one I very carefully explained that I could not start the site until a specific date four weeks in the future, as I had finals and final projects due (last semester of grad school). She agreed. Then phoned me three days later and left a long message about the site and what they wanted done and how I should call her back so we could get started right away. I didn't bother.

I am not cut out for freelance web design. At least in my current position I, ironically, have a lot more autonomy.

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