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Every year or so Toby and I run the numbers to compare the costs of legitimately obtaining the TV shows we're watching to cable. So far, it's come up just about the same, until this year, which had some sort of tipping point with enough shows being available via various streaming methods. We ran the numbers at the end of last week, and realized that while we were paying right about $100/month for 200 channels of cable (and two boxes, and HD upcharge and whatnot], we could replace everything* except Game of Thrones on air dates with our $8/month Netflix by adding an $8/month Hulu subscription.

And, as Toby had expected since he keeps his eye on Apple rumors, HBO and Apple have just announced HBO Now, a standalone service for $15/month, starting in April which just so happens to be when Game of Thrones starts airing entirely coincidentally I am sure.

Even if we have to commit to a year, instead of being able to get it for the three months of GoT, about $30/month for TV down from about $100, with the occasional TV series like Star Wars: Rebels that we'll have to buy via iTunes.

I can deal.

ETA: I think the real tipping point was discovering that QI, which had FINALLY started on BBC America, was also available on Hulu. :)

*That we cared about. I watch some HGTV shows that I can easily give up. Netflix also just started adding some DIY and HGTV shows, so I can get my fix there.
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"I'm sorry. I ate all your bees."

[ profile] myrialux and I have been watching Black Books lately. I'd seen a couple of episodes a few years back and Netflix keeps recommending it to me, so I threw it on my queue. I sold [ profile] myrialux on it by saying "There's this misanthropic bookstore owner--" and he cut me off, saying "You had me at 'misanthropic.'"

It's a Britcom, and there's a lot of stupid sitcom humor in it, but it tends to veer into surrealism at the slightest provocation*, and it's provided the above quote, which [ profile] myrialux and I have taken to quoting to each other at unexpected moments. (It has almost, but not entirely, replaced the previous quote "...too many bees" from the You Suck at Craigslist blog. There's just something about bees.)

We also rocketed through the first season of MI-5 on Netflix streaming video.

And last night we went out with friends to see Despicable Me, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. :)

* I don't really want to explain what leads Manny, the bookstore's clerk, to end up concealed inside a piano playing the strings with spoons.

New Tricks

May. 9th, 2010 10:19 pm
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Still watching New Tricks, the Brit cop show about a cold-cases unit made up of three cranky retired detectives and the woman detective superintendent who herds them around. Series 1 and 2 are the only ones out in the States right now, but we had a hunch, and talked a little with a Friend who Knows These Things, and discovered that yes indeed, if we purchase Region 2 DVDs and rip them, they play just fine on the PS3. So we've just finished Series 3. :)

I still recommend the show, if you like character-based shows whose charm relies on the leads playing off each other. Still doesn't pass the Bechdel Test so far (well, so far all the conversations between women involve crimes and male possible criminals ... although there's one scene in Series 2, I think, where two women are interacting and not talking at all, much less talking about a man*), but Amanda Redfern holds her own as the ringleader of the bunch, and how much do I love that (a) she's allowed to look older than 30 and (b) she has a scarred arm and every time she has occasion to wear an evening dress, they don't bother to conceal it.

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Enjoyed it a lot, and I tell you I was rooting for my man Tim Love, as he's a local and I've actually eaten at one of his restaurants. Not the one he mentioned in the show, Lonesome Dove, but a quirky little burger joint called the Love Shack. It's a mostly-outdoor partially roofed narrow space between two buildings. There's a stage at one end which usually has someone on it or occasionally a kid-friendly movie, a roofed-over space at the other end where you can site if it's raining, and an open-to-the sky bit in the middle.

He's putting in another one in a retail development going in closer to where I live, but I suspect it won't have quite the charm of the original, although we'll eat there more in order to avoid parking in the Stockyards area.

Back to the show: you know what was refreshing to see? Professional chefs working. Not the drama queens we tend to get on TC (well, ok, it makes for better ratings when there's drama). These chefs took it with a grain of salt, and when they got thrown a curveball, intentionally or unintentionally (hello frozen food!), instead of whining and bitching about it, or going on about how Real Chefs Don't Do That or This Isn't Real Cooking, they just got down to business and cooked. Hopefully future TC contestants will watch this and get some ideas.
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Shear Genius

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2006 recap!

Jan. 2nd, 2007 12:51 am
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...It was a year.

Yeah, I don't really do these year-in-review things.

Anyway, tonight I played a lot of Kingdom Hearts, realized that I'd found 84 of the puppies and might as well collect all of them, so I've now got 96 and will get the last 3 when I do Hollow Bastion again. And finished the Hundred Acre Wood mini-games, yay.

Also watched last week's episode of Torchwood, and am downloading episodes 12 & 13 to watch ... sometime later this week. (Have to write a column tomorrow and I have NO IDEAS.) Yet again, an emotional climax was had in the episode that felt like I'd missed the part of the story that made me care about the character who experienced it (the realtor - what's-his-name Lynch).

I did, however, download the special episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, the second Doctor Who spinoff, and watched it. It was enjoyable, but not great television. Am eagerly awaiting the series, whenever it starts.

Really enjoyed Sarah Jane's snide reference to Torchwood, though. XD And the photos of the Brigadier.
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Just finished watching part 2 of the Hogfather movie/miniseries/whatchamacallit. I think it's pretty close to being the best sort of film interpretation you're going to get from one of Pratchett's books. :D I was actually impressed by how much they left in, and I could see the logic behind what they left out (although I will naturally mourn the loss of the Librarian due to cutting out subplots and the CGI that would have been required). They kept my favorite line, in the subject, which comes from a discussion of what it means to be human.

Anyway ... HO. HO. HO.


Dec. 19th, 2006 10:33 am
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I hate getting migraines in the middle of the night, because I'm not awake enough to reason properly. I woke up at 4 with one, and wasn't awake enough to think "Gee, maybe I should TAKE MY DRUGS," which means that when I woke up again at 6, it was much worse and the Relpax merely damped it down a bit instead of getting rid of it. And then two hours later I threw up and declared that it was a sign I was supposed to stay home from work today.

At least I've got all this chicken stock, since my stomach isn't sure I want solid food now. :D And I've got that Korean soap opera on the TiVo, so I can entertain myself with a drama about three generations of seriously passive-aggressive manipulative women. Despite that it's named after the husbands, the show is currently focusing almsot entirely on the women and how they attempt to control everyone else's life. One of them's hurt her back moving a giant potted plant and is now attempting to control her daughter from her bed with threats of suicide. XD I'll evnetually get tired of this, but not yet.
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...because I woke up throwing up this morning and decided it was a sign that God meant me to stay home from work.

Have been playing with the TiVo. It has decided that I like documentaries and suggested just about every documentary for the next two weeks, so I spent some time carefully rating all of them so it would, at least, stop suggesting military ones and focus on archaeology and anthropology.

I have also discovered, through the magic of TiVo Suggestions, that I actually get at least one random inernational channel. TiVo and Wikipedia both claim that channel 645 is Al Jazeera, an Arabic-language channel, but there seems to be a Korean soap opera with English subtitles on right now, so I believe it's changed. I'm about to print out Wikipedia's list of Dish Network channels and see which ones I get.

I love being able to get random Korean soap operas on my TV. In the past ten minutes, I've discovered that nobody calls each other by name, but that a young couple live in the husband's parents' house and the mother-in-law hates her daughter-in-law, and someone else is going down a list of eligible men trying to figure out which one she should marry but rejecting them all while her sister tells her not to touch her stuff.

ETA: Aha - noticed the channel ID tag finally. :D "KBS World" it says. Must go look it up.

ETA2: The soap opera, now over, was called "Men of the Bath House." And there is now another show on with no subtitles that features a peppy Western man and a peppy Korean woman standing in front of some sort of traditional Korean house in the country and talking in an exceptionally peppy manner to a very old man in traditional dress.


Dec. 5th, 2006 11:59 am
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TiVo's running a deal right now where you get a free TiVo for signing up for a year or more's plan. I'm tempted, but the technical issues and what-all I have to buy in order to get my setup to work are a bit daunting at the moment. Any help, in very short words, would be appraciated.

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