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So, we went and saw the Trek movie this morning...

cut for spoilers )
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We are seeing this in 3.5 hours.


(And on the way home, we'll probably be checking the site to see what that one bad review said about it! Haven't yet, as I'm trying to remain unspoiled. :D)
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This is why Toby and I get on so well )

BTW, as of right now, Mad Max: Fury Road is at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. CANNOT WAIT.
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Been sort of slow around here lately. Toby ended up with a terrific cold from the party we went to a week ago, so has been croaking around the house. (He also went down to Austin on Saturday to game, before he realized it was a cold and not just allergies, so is now feeling terribly guilty about infecting anyone down there.)

I also recently finished Zen Cho's Spirits Abroad,Read more... )

Spirits Abroad was good enough that I had the problem of trying to figure out what to read after it, because anything not as good would seem terrible in comparison. I ended up with Sarah Monette's The Bone Key,Read more... )

I'd also read Mercedes Lackey's most recent, Closer to Home: Book One of Herald Spy.Read more... )

And last night we finally sat down and watched the first episode of Constantine. Verdict: Read more... )

And one last media review. Toby and I went to see John Wick on Friday night. Verdict: Read more... )

And that is all the media I have been consuming recently, aside from the usual steady stream of House Hunters International, Face Off, and Project Runway (which, BTW, is getting suckier and suckier by the minute).
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So, an all-female version of The Expendables is in production, with the terrible title of The ExpendaBelles. There is also another all-female action flick in production based off of some other property.

However...YOU ARE THE CASTING DIRECTOR! Who would you cast in it? Note that typecasting is the name of the game!

Toby picked me up for lunch and we started a list:

Sigourney Weaver
Lena Headey
Linda Hamilton
CCH Pounder (my pick for team leader)
Gina Carano (note: actually cast in the other one)

There were several others that I'm blanking on, but please add to the list!
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The credits of Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon appear to be full of production art for completely different movies (presumably the further advetures of Di Renjie). I rather want to watch them.

The movie was, for the most part, a well-done schlocky cheesy B movie that occasionally remembered that it was supposed to be in 3D and would randomly throw things directly at the camera. Its main fault was that it was too. damn. long. 2 hours and 13 minutes and I spent the last 25 or so minutes wondering if it was over yet. Also, you could tell when the CGI budget started to run out so the special effects got cheesier and cheesier.
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1. It was so much better than the previous movie. Toby and I forced ourselves to get through First Class last night, because we'd been assured by friends that DoFP was better. We'd tried watching FC before and quit about ten-fifteen minutes in because it was tedious. A movie that has someone hunting down Nazis and has mutants with superpowers in it should not be tedious.

2. See, I have this spiel about what I want out of movies with Wolverine in them. I say: all I want out of Wolverine movies is Hugh Jackman's butt. I got plenty of that in Wolverine I, but I was disappointed with Wolverine II because the moviemakers chose to focus on Hugh Jackman's abs instead of his butt, and the problem is that the highly unnatural ripped physique that all superhero and other action movie male stars are required to sport nowadays is achieved only by dieting down to 3-5% body fat and by being extremely dehydrated to attain that defined look. So all I could think about when watching Hugh Jackman's abs was WILL SOMEONE GET THAT BOY A DRINK OF WATER HE MUST BE DYING OF THIRST.

Anyway. So, our friends were over and I set into my spiel about what I wanted out of movies with Wolverine in them, and the moment I said "...Hugh Jackman's ass--" they leapt in and spake as one, saying thusly: WELL THEN YOU WILL LOVE THIS MOVIE.

And boy howdy they were right. Completely pointless ROT-13 in case you haven't seen the movie and wish to be surprised by things relating to Hugh Jackman's butt: MBZT ANXRQ JBYIREVAR NFF

3. Every time Iceman/Bobby was on screen I was distracted because of his resemblance to my cousin's husband. My cousin's husband is genetically gifted such that he resembles both Dominic Monaghan and Shawn Ashmore.

4. Does James MacAvoy wear a nose prosthetic to resemble Patrick Stewart's honker, or is that all-natural?

5. I remember, quite some time ago, reading an interview given by Halle Berry shortly after she played Storm for the first time in which she--probably prompted by her publicist in an attempt to position her to get more serious roles--spoke derogatory words about superhero movies and/or characters. And now every time I see her play a superhero I think HAH and SO THERE, because I am a WEAK AND SPITEFUL WOMAN. Hah!


May. 28th, 2014 10:18 am
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The Alamo Drafthouse is an awesome movie theatre if you haven't heard me talk about it before or haven't run across it. They're a dinner theatre, and actively enforce a no-talking, no-texting policy. If you haven't seen the PSA video they made of a voicemail that an angry woman left complaining that she was kicked out for texting, you should experience it. (The kicker is that you do indeed get one warning, so to be kicked out she had to continue texting after being warned.)

Anyway, the Austin Drafthouses implemented a reserved-seating policy back in 2012, and I came across the announcement on their site. The butthurt comments from people (that boil down to "I don't like change!") are hilarious. I especially like one long comment, during the course of which the person complains that they don't want to reserve a seat and possibly have to sit next to someone they don't want to sit next to.

Um. Like you do when you buy a ticket at the theatre and walk in and pick a seat and someone sits next to you?

Anyway, if you like reading about people complaining that they can't walk into the theatre and grab a good seat right before the show starts anymore because the seats will have all been bought up by people who reserved the seats online, go for it!
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We went to see Pacific Rim last night and enjoyed the hell out of it. And to the people who start poking holes in the paper-thin characterizations and plot, well, let me reinforce that you are going to see a movie about GIANT ROBOTS FIGHTING GIANT MONSTERS.

It's an homage to Japanese mecha and kaiju movies and anime, and the weaknesses are all part of that love letter, weirdly enough. I spotted every emotional beat and plot twist ahead of time and it was RIGHT and PROPER that I do so. Did they just do that? OF COURSE they just did that. They HAD to do that. Think a tanker of that size would actually buckle and bend in the circumstances that befell it? Who cares? It had to be done! DO NOT QUESTION THE RULE OF COOL. (TVTropes link warning.)

Okay, it would have been nice if they'd actually gotten Australian actors to play the Australians, or so people who actually know what real Aussie accents sound like tell me. (I am American and thus think all Aussies sound like Steve Irwin.) And it is rumored around the intartubes that del Toro was required to trim close to an hour of the mvie for the theatrical release, and what got cut was secondary pilots' characters and more kaiju/mecha fighting, so I look forward to the director's cut Blu-ray release.

P.S. It's a summer blockbuster in which two persons of color get the primary emotional arcs HOW COOL IS THAT? Admittedly, if you'd seen the U.S. trailers you wouldn't know one of them existed, sigh. But that character was a nice surprise, at least.

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