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Below this cut, you will find a picture of my cat, and a picture of my progress so far on the Yuuko pic I talked about in a previous post. You will also find some squirrel pics.

No, the squirrel has not been back; I just hadn't taken the last pics off my camera. They were from the last day that the half-a-squirrel was outside my window, before I called the apartment complex and had them pick it up. I shot a few pics of it staring at me suspiciously before it scampered off in a threatening manner.

So I invite you all now to sit back, have a drink to fortify yourself, and stare deeply into the...

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...because I woke up throwing up this morning and decided it was a sign that God meant me to stay home from work.

Have been playing with the TiVo. It has decided that I like documentaries and suggested just about every documentary for the next two weeks, so I spent some time carefully rating all of them so it would, at least, stop suggesting military ones and focus on archaeology and anthropology.

I have also discovered, through the magic of TiVo Suggestions, that I actually get at least one random inernational channel. TiVo and Wikipedia both claim that channel 645 is Al Jazeera, an Arabic-language channel, but there seems to be a Korean soap opera with English subtitles on right now, so I believe it's changed. I'm about to print out Wikipedia's list of Dish Network channels and see which ones I get.

I love being able to get random Korean soap operas on my TV. In the past ten minutes, I've discovered that nobody calls each other by name, but that a young couple live in the husband's parents' house and the mother-in-law hates her daughter-in-law, and someone else is going down a list of eligible men trying to figure out which one she should marry but rejecting them all while her sister tells her not to touch her stuff.

ETA: Aha - noticed the channel ID tag finally. :D "KBS World" it says. Must go look it up.

ETA2: The soap opera, now over, was called "Men of the Bath House." And there is now another show on with no subtitles that features a peppy Western man and a peppy Korean woman standing in front of some sort of traditional Korean house in the country and talking in an exceptionally peppy manner to a very old man in traditional dress.

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