Jun. 13th, 2013 06:09 pm
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Several pictures of one of the squirrels that eats at our bird feeder.

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BTW, if you want to know how eeevil squirrels can be, click on my "Beady Eyes of Evil" tag and read those posts. You'll probably want to scroll back to the beginning tor ead them chronologically. WARNING: squirrel gore!
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Below this cut, you will find a picture of my cat, and a picture of my progress so far on the Yuuko pic I talked about in a previous post. You will also find some squirrel pics.

No, the squirrel has not been back; I just hadn't taken the last pics off my camera. They were from the last day that the half-a-squirrel was outside my window, before I called the apartment complex and had them pick it up. I shot a few pics of it staring at me suspiciously before it scampered off in a threatening manner.

So I invite you all now to sit back, have a drink to fortify yourself, and stare deeply into the...

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Under the cut, plz to be finding a picture from yesterday, a picture from this morning, and several from just a few minutes ago.

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Alas, the saga of Luigi the squirrel may soon be ending, as I decided that I didn't really want Luigi to rip up my screen and phoned the office, asking them to remove the remains of Nunzio the dead half-squirrel. The cat would drive me crazy if I couldn't open the window after the squirrel ripped the screen off.
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I woke up in an interesting manner - there was an odd noise, like maybe hail, or something strange in the dryer, and the cat shot off the bed and ran into the living room. I followed, to see what the hell it was. The only thing I could think of was maybe it was hail, falling in an oddly sporadic manner (hey, I'd only woken up about ten seconds before). I peeked out the blinds, to be confronted with the belly of Luigi the squirrel at eye level as he climbed headfirst down my window screen - the noise was his claws against the window.

He jumped off and stared at the cat and I for a second, then scampered away, no doubt cursing us thoroughly in squirrel. The half-squirrel is still outside, looking very damp and much the worse for wear.

ETA: He attempted the window again as I was walking out the door, so I hurriedly grabbed the camera and snapped one fuzzy shot of his belly. I'll put it up tonight when I get home - it's finals week and thus I had to get to work ASAP so I could find a parking place. :)
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This is the writeup of what I mentioned in the previous entry (you may want to go vote in the poll there before reading the rest of this entry. Including the photos that prove it.

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Today has been exceptionally surreal for me. But rather than post about it, I'm going to first post a poll, then go get some dinner and come back and then post about it.

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